Friday, March 10, 2006


Wahsey! Orange Range will be releasing their new album, a remix album, titled 'Squeezed' on the 12th of April 2006. But of course, it won't come out in Malaysia on the date itself.. *sigh*

Anyways, today i tried watching Naruto on TV3 and i got excited when the ending theme came on. It was Viva Rock ~japanese side~!!! I felt so proud hearing my fav band's song on Malaysian TV. =P Me and my youngest sister sang along and my dad was amused by the little version of the characters in Naruto running from one end to the other that he said, "So, cute!" ( ^_^!!)

I went for a training/talk session two days ago, sent by my boss. Titled 'Effective Communication Skills', it was quite alright. I learnt how to be a good listener and how to make communication in my daily life effective.. er.. right. Actually, i can't remember much. I've never been a fan of talks, etc anyways..

I had a funny dream about Siti Nurhaliza too. In my dream, she was holding hands with her beau, and she was overjoyed that she cried when she finally got a chance to open up to everyone that she is now happily attached. Weird. But all the best, girl! Wish you all the happiness in the world, kayz?

The MTV Asia Awards is finally back. It's going to be held in Bangkok on May 6th (or is it 8th?). Nominated for the Favourite Malaysian Artist award are Mawi, Ahli Fiqir, Fish Leong, Ruffedge and Too Phat. I was so happy when i found out Fish was nominated because i've always wondered, for the past 4 events, why weren't the Chinese artists from Malaysia were nominated for the title eventhough they've made it big outside Malaysia.. even better than the ones who have been nominated. I was so glad. You go girl!!! May the best Malaysian artist win. Eh, wait.. may the most favourite.. win. And i can't wait for the event itself. Hopefully both Machi and Orange Range are invited to perform and present awards. I would be so happy!!!!

I kinda like Naoto's looks the best now. He looks.. HOT

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