Monday, March 06, 2006

10 more days to go..

* Currently listening to Do As Infinity's Fukai Mori *

16th March 2006. A date which is feared by all STPM candidates of 2005. That is the day when our freakin results will be out. I'm so panicking right now. Right.

Thank God today is my off day. I'm gonna quit my job soon. Kind of sick of it.

Currently i'm loving Jay Chou's OST for Fearless *my friendster's profile video for the moment*. I love the dance moves. I think Jay Chou's very good at dancing. He's got nice moves. I'd even watched L'arc~en~ciel's live performance of Driver's High (opening theme of the GTO anime), taken from their Grand Cross tour and i must say, i wish i was there! Hyde is a hottie. Seriously. And his voice... ahhhhh... the only thing that put me off was his crotch-grabbing moves. Not so nice to seeleh. Even Hiroki of Orange Range did that crotch-wiping thingie during Shanghai Honey. AGGGHHHHH. Nevermind, he can do that. I don't mind. =P
Do As Infinity is cool too. Unfortunately, they are disbanded. Too bad cos the vocalist's got a very choon voice. Her vocals during live performances are totally flawless. Gave me goosebumps. I like Fukai Mori right now. Dying to find out the meaning of the song cos she got emotional during a performance *sniff*. My sis told me that this song was a gift to her friend who passed away. Awwwwwwwzzz...
And i also like Mr. Children's live performance of Tagatame. Very long. Almost 10 minutes but it was very good. The lead vocalist's voice was so... i dunno how to say... i think Japanese artists are very good singers. Their control of their vocals, showmanship..etc..etc No wonder i hardly listen to the westerners anymore. Heh.
Orange Range's performance of *~Asterisks~ from their Musiq tour 2005 live DVD was so choon too. It was rocking. The head-banging scene of Hiroki, Yamato and Ryo was so gorgeous. I love it. The cameramen did a fantastic job capturing the crowd. The stadium was packed. But the arrangement of the crowd was proper. What touched my heart was at the end of the performance the crowd pointed up to the sky. All of them did the same thing! I was like 'WOW!'. I wish i was there too. One day i will. Just one day.

Is it just my obsession or Asian artists are that damn good? =P

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