Sunday, December 04, 2005

Why didn't you want me anymore?

I haven't been doing much lately. Watched this movie called The Doll Master, which was okay. So-sola. It's about a doll, which has a soul, trying to take revenge for her maker's death. Creepy, i know. The lead actress, Hae Mi had her own issue though. Her doll, Mina which she threw away when she was young became alive, wanting to be together with Hae Mi again. But of course, Hae Mi freaked out. DUH! Who wouldn't? I mean, if my doll were to suddenly become alive i would FREAK! Let's get back to Hae Mi and Mina. Mina was so sad that Hae Mi had forgotten it and cried. It was sad. Seriously. The part where Mina asked, " Why did you throw me away?" It broke my heart. Pity the doll. Still freaking out, Hae Mi shouted to Mina, " I hated you. I don't want you anymore!" Hello. Pity the doll. You see, to keep Hae Mi alive, Mina had to kill the other generations of the maker's murderers. Well, of course, Hae mi got scared. Mina got freaking angry, wanting to kill Hae Mi.. it had its fingernails.. long ones summore.. jabbed into Hae Mi's chest.. erm.. the heart sectionla.. don't be so blue, can annot? As Hae Mi reached out to stop it, Mina saw a scar on Hae Mi's arm which she got while trying to save Mina from an eeevvvvvviiiilllll motorbike. Awww... memories came floating back. Mina loved Hae Mi so much that it couldn't kill her. The other doll, who's been possesing the body of the woman who found it, got angry/disappointed with Mina.. but hey, it did promise Mina to let Hae Mi (you see, Hae Mi's grandfather was one of the murderers) go if she killed the others.. Broke its freaking promise, killed Mina. How you asked me? Well, to kill a doll who has a soul, one has to poke its eyes and snap off the neck. Very ganas, right. I feel bad for Mina. Seriously. And i'm not gonna go on with the movie, i suck at describing stuff. =P
Back in my hometown, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, everything's quite merry. It's the election for the Pengkalan Pasir DUN. Hehehe.. My aunt said it's like a party over there. Yesterday, our Deputy Prime Minister visited my kampung and went to a relatives' house. Choon. They even distributed schoolbags for primary school go-ers. So lucky. If only i had rushed home a week earlier. My cousin said i'm missing all the fun. Hmmm.. Nevermind. Maybe next time. May the best candidate win! AHEM..


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