Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Rest In Peace, my little one..

Yeah. I'm talking about one of Pak Wan's hamsters, which was handed down for me to take care. 3 of them, but she was the tamest: doesn't bite at all and just so adorable. I didn't name her though. My lil sis took care of that. Her name changes almost every week.

Anyways, she passed on yesterday morning. 5th of December 2005. I found her sleeping in her normal position, but i got curious when i was feeding them. She didn't move. I nudged her. She didn't move. I tapped her head. She didn't move. And then i realised, she's gone. Without my glasses on, i didn't notice the ants moving around her. I called out for my mom. She was shocked. She carried the hammie out and inspected her. "She didn't die that long ago," my mom said. Yup, her body was still soft when i touched her. Both of us started pondering the cause. Heart attack? Maybe, cos it was raining heavily with thunder and lightning. Stroke? Possible. Loneliness? I dunno. Maybe she missed Pak Wan. I wrapped her inside a sheet of newspaper and braved the rain to bury her under an immature coconut tree. While i was digging, i couldn't help feeling guilty. Pak Wan trusted me to take care of them but i failed, resulting in the death of one. Hish. But i'm grateful, cos it seemed that she died peacefully. Unlike my hamsters which died tragically, i.e. upside down, eyes rolling, tongue sticking out.. she seemed to have passed on peacefully.. with her eyes closed and in a sleeping position. I hope she did die peacefully.

I never expected it. Maybe dreaming about Edison Chen was a sign. Yeah, i had a dream about Edison Chen. Of all people. Oh, and after doing Yoh's 'collage', i had a dream about him too. Weird. What's with all the funny dreams?

I'm having flu right now. Can't sleep cos i keep on sneezing. Shucksla. My dad's outstation for a course and he's having fever. Hope he's okay.

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