Friday, December 02, 2005

Searching for beautiful days..

AAAGGGHHHHH!! I'm still bored. I uploaded pictures from the Zouk showcase onto Machiturf and i plan to upload the clip that we manage to capture but not now..
I played around with Yoh's pictures and made a lil 'collage'. Not many people pay attention to him but i find him so cute in Rakuyou. He's just so adorable. HAHA. How many times have you seen the word adorable on my blogs? PLENTY. I was bored, so might as well use my time wisely and be creative. So, i'm just gonna dump it here.

Image hosted by

~He is, as gorgeous as the others~

I captured these using Windows Movie Maker. They can be so crazy sometimes. How can you not laugh at this? I wonder how did they manage to mantain their cuteness while being nutty at the same time.

Image hosted by
Spot the Difference ^__^

Anyways, yeah.. i'm still bored. Somebody please, SAVE me.


  1. Hey!

    i guess ur ketupat making days are over eh?
    Why are you so bored?
    Unfortunatly, i can't think of anything to save you with... other tahn go shopping or watching movies...heh help there i guess. OR, i could start giving you guitar lessons...first you've got to get a guitar tho... catch you later, aligator!

  2. YES he looks adorable ^^ i agree with u people don't seem to pay much attention but i think he's my favourite...oh i don't know i love them all !but yoh seems so calm compares with others.and the live of onegai is very fun !i like it !!


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