Thursday, December 01, 2005

Boredom sets in.. slowly

I'm bored. A little lah.. Finally i got to see how Hyde looks like. He's got such a nice smile. Oh yeah, he's the guitarist for this band called L'Arc~en~Ciel ( DO NOT ask me how to pronounce this). I have only heard one of their stuff, the one called Driver's High as it was on the opening of the anime GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) and i love it! Did i mention Hyde's got such a nice smile? So innocent.. but he's married (already?). Gackt (as in Gackt & Hyde, sounds familiar?) didn't affect me the 1st time i saw him. His eyes are a little to BLUE for me (i know, contacts' effects) but Hyde! Oh, man! I couldn't stop gushing! *blushes*
Speaking of Orange Range, I've gotten hold of a site of a Thai fan which has a lot of nice pics. She's totally in love with Hiroki! (she's not the only one) I've d/loaded a few of Orange Range's performances and notice Hiroki looks kinda.. funny when he's performing. I don't know how to explain, but he looks.. FUNNY. There was this one performance of HANA, he looked like he wanted to kill someone! He looked so angry! Plus, his blue eyes added to the freakiness. (Contacts' effects, again) Yamato looked lost/shy, he wasn't even moving that much! Ryo was being okay, i don't really like his clothes. He loves wearing clothes double of his size. (or triple)

Image hosted by

Hiroki performing Hana & Zung Zung Funky Music

Anyways, i'm bored. I wonder how the class trip to Genting went. Pretty sure it was gOod. I'm trying to attach myself to my computer, renovating pictures, making banners, trying to get creative basically. Adobe Photoshop confuses me sometimes. No, most of the time. Shucks.

Conclusion: I'm freaking BORED.

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