Sunday, November 27, 2005


^ Edward, Gabe, Luke & part-of Nicky doing their thang^
I just came back from the Machi showcase like an hour ago. I'm quite happy. =P
Okay, after like almost 3 hours of waiting we got into Zouk, and after waiting somemore, finally the emcees for the night, May & Choy Wan came up on stage to hype things up. They had a few games, the 1st being answer Machi-related Qs and the 2nd, rapping on why you like Machi so much with your partner doing the boom-box. I did the latter. Seriously. I think i made a fool out of myself. I crapped like the world's gonna end soon. But i had fun. And i have to thank Yoon Tim for being my boom-box. We got 2nd place out of 5 which is not bad at all and i got an autograph poster. YAY!
Finally, Machi came up on stage at around 8.15pm. Woo-hoo! I couldn't stop screaming. And i got to see their new members! Suffa's damn HOT! They're all hot. They performed like more than 10 songs and had to repeat like 4 for MTV. During Wo Ai Chou Sing Sing, Gabe, Andrew and Edward did this funny dance-kungfu-ish moves which were hilarious. So cute! Nicky, as usual, his voice was superb. It was his birthday too. ^__^ Melody's very pretty and i feel that her vocals have improved. I didn't like her voice before but now it's quite good. Luke looks younger now. I guess chopping of his long locks was a very good move. Yuen was practically GAWKING at him. =P Jeff Da Ge was cool as usual. It was a great show indeed. My sis fell in love with Gabe. Haha. Edward's cute. Andrew's bigger. Don P was.. well.. being Don P? And the dancers who did those moves. It was like 'WAAHHHHHH!!!...' But i miss Kenny leh. And i was hoping Steven would be there too. ='(
Anyways, i got to shake hands with most of them: Twice from Don P & Luke, once from Edward, Andrew & Nicky. And I did wash my hands when i got home.
I haven't listened to the new album, Superman properly. But the Super Machi Remix track brought me back into the past, when i was a Machi freak. Now, i'm not THAT freak.. i just moved on to Orange Range (i keep mentioning them in my posts, don't i?). But hey, i would never pass a chance to go and watch Machi again.

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  1. LUKE!!! i tell you man... i seriously HAVE to get a pic of him in his current hairdo...the one with the CDs just CANNOT compare to the real thing...haih... so super hot...


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