Thursday, November 03, 2005

Today is Hari Raya

ORANGE RANGE (clockwise from top):Yamato, Naoto, Yoh, Hiroki, Ryo & Katchan

It's Hari Raya! Yay! A day where I get to stuff myself with losta food i.e. rendang, ketupat, lontong (my fav!) and etc.. I've been celebrating raya in PJ for a few years already.. since raya is usually at the end of the year nowadays..
People might think this is weird but honestly, i like the takbir raya.. soothes me, man and sometimes, makes me feel like crying. I don't have any itches to convert or something but i like religious chantings/singing..
Anyways, it was Deepavali 2 days ago. I stuffed myself with a lot of mutton. Pity the kambing! And murukkus too. I haven't weigh myself yet but i'm pretty sure the scale's gonna burst!
Additional: I've got infos from Pei Yie that Machi's gonna come down on the 26th of November. I'm so darn excited. I've heard the promo on My. fm but due to my limited knowledge in Mandarin, i couldn't make out the contents much. is like gone, and i have no freaking idea where i'm gonna obtain further details. Shucks!
Oh well, i've been surfing the net for quite a while and i've gotten hold on some of Orange Range's pics. I think i'm getting a lil obsessed tho. Freaky. I couldn't find their 1st album, 1st Contact and their newest album, Natural anywhere. Dang, i couldn't even find any of their singles! Haiyoyoyoyo.. I feel like resorting to online purchasing but they'll cost more! I guess i have to search harder. Oh, and their book/mag cost around RM75. Boy, Japanese stuff are sure expensive!

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  1. hi!
    Today's your birthday...
    how untimely...
    but have a


    just imagine...this will all be over in 3 weeks. Then we'll be liberated!! and then we can go celebrate your b'day in a proper manner.yay!

    btw, due to bad connection, i can only hear the first 3 syllables or the hana song.hmmm...


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