Monday, October 31, 2005

The battle is about to end.

Here i am, crapping, listening to Orange Range, wasting my time.. when STPM is like in less than 12 days. Yippeeee! And i am absolutely not ready. Not at all. Although i'm a lil excited, and i want to get over it as soon as possible. But hey, i can't be passing up empty papers! That's like.. swatting myself dead!

Anyways, Deepavali is tomorrow and Hari Raya is in 2 days time. Talk about having an early celebration. Make it two.

I've been gobbling down a lot of food nowadays. I can't seem to control my appetite. What the hell is wrong with me? Mr. Lingam said that it's normal for students to feel hungry when the exam period approaches.. something about the adrenaline.. or whatever.

I have no idea what to put here so i'm just gonna sign off. Duh.

Oh.. and Hiroki's still cute. Although he acts like an idiot/monkey in some of the pics/vids i've seen. Cheeky boys are meant to stay. =P

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