Sunday, October 09, 2005

When i fall..

Darn. I've developed a huge crush on a certain Japanese boy. And this Japanese boy is non other than one of Orange Range's vocalists. Yeap. He's so cute. He totally kicked other guys out of my head. Did i mention he's darn cute? You think i'm nuts don't you? I'm fine. Perfectly sane. Normal blood pressure.. but i'm having a lil flu here and there. I don't think it's making me a bit.. off. Heh.
Well, let's get back to the Japanese boy. His name is Hiroki. Born on the 29th of June.. i didn't get the year.. so darn.. i have no idea how old he is. I'm pretty sure he's not THAT old. He has this boyish look. And his smile.. OMG! Melted my heart then and there itself. He's so adorable in their Kizuna video. So cute. That cute grin.. AAGGGHHHH!
I should get a grip. But then.. it's a very healthy crush. I just love looking at him. Especially when he smiles/grins/laughs. I guess guys with cute smiles/grins/laughs get my attention easily. Seriously, a cute smile/grin/laugh can lighten up my mood anytime, anywhere. So people, SMILE! Laugh all you want! Oh, and i love cheeky grins too!
I can't seem to find a nice pic of him. But you should watch him in Kizuna. SO CUTE! God, i'm gushing! But nevermind, once in a while is okay..
Geez.. i should stop here. =p

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  1. love

    woo hoo...looks like sumone's got it BAD...

    i have to check this fella out.


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