Monday, October 03, 2005

I wonder why..

I went out for breakfast with Aimi today and we did some updating on our lives and spoke about some issues relating to pre-marital sex among teenagers nowadays.
She told me some shocking stuff and i couldn't help gawking.. i would love to certainly to put on what we've talked about here but haih.. i fear i might be sent to court for urm.. touching sensitive issues..
But it's quite funny.. pre-marital sex is like normal among teenagers nowadays.. don't get me wrong leh.. i so have nothing against it.. it's just that.. haiyah.. it's very hard for me to put on what me and Aimi had discussed about as there are stuff that are forbidden it seems on blog.. cheh.. talk about freedom in expressing yourself.. Nevermind.
Well, i had a paper thosei for brekkie today. I love paper thosei. And i found out there's lots of different kinds of thoseis also. Got egg wanla, ghee wanla, normal wanla.. muahaha.. i'm spoilt for choice! And i love chappattis too. And mutton curry. I love Indian food. I love food. =P

And i love Orange Range!

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