Saturday, October 01, 2005

It's been awhile..

Yeah. Just got back my PC after like..months. Hotmail deactivated my account. Cheh.

Well, updates, updates. I had just finished my STPM trials and i didn't do that well. Failed a few papers, passed a few.. And to say that the real thingie is like.. in about a month's time!
But i'm not freaking out yet. Not yetla. Too soon. But i've seen my friends. It's like the end of the world or something. Chill, peeps, chill. Malam masih muda. ( ^_^! )
Anyways, i've got not much to write here.. writer's block i guess..
I can't wait for Machi's new album to come out. I've heard one of their new songs and it's really cool. Not bad, man. Oh, and i wanna listen to the stuff they did wif Too Phat. I wonder if it's good. I'm not a big fan of Too Phat, nor i dislike them..they're okay.. i prefer Ahli Fiqir. Don't know why leh.

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