Sunday, August 14, 2005

Looking up at the clear blue sky..

* First and foremost, i would like to thank the Lord for the beautiful, haziless weather today. Thank you, Sir *

Finally, i saw the yeung kwong (sun) today! I've never thought seeing the sun would make me so happy. No more itchy nose, watery eyes and smoky taste in the mouth. Hallelujah! The haze is almost gone ( i said almost because it seems that it's moving towards the north and east coast of Malaysia) Hopefully, the wind will just take it and go somewhere else. It freaked people a lot.. so enough already.
Frankly, i have no idea who to blame for this haze. Can't 100% blame Indonesia for the open burning cause we are also doing it over here. I guess people just don't learn their lessons. I mean, it happened before in 1997 ( the year my youngest sis was born : she was called hazey baby cause she was dark ~ don't ask me why~).. haih.. I just hope.. it will go away. I don't like staying indoors at home during schooldays. Very the boringleh.

I've come to realize that i like to use 'the' in random sentences nowadays. Examples: very the messy leh, very the boring leh, very the releh, very the tiredleh. I guess i'm going through another speech-crazy phase. Or maybe i like to crap. As usuallah. WeeN likes to crap. Very the normalleh. Heh.

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