Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hazy, lazy days..

It's been like what? 2 weeks, and the haze is still going on.. My nose is itchy, my eyes are watery and itchy and i'm tasting smoke inside my mouth. BLEAH! I really dislike the situation now.. I don't intend to die young by the way..
School's out until further notice so.. i dunno whether i should be happy or what.. cause it's not like i'm studying at home or something.. I cut tuition yesterday and i'm unsure i should cut tuition today also..

I can't believe i'm getting lazier and lazier nowadays.. I mean, STPM is less than 4 months.. I should be panicking right now! My panic button was pressed (again!) yesterday, when my uncle said, " Wah! You looked so relaxed wan ah.." My God, when a guy with a Masters in Civil Engineering said that to me, how can i not panic?
I should be studying. Yeah.. i should. I should log off now. NOW. Yeah. Maybe later.

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