Monday, August 08, 2005

So cold..

I came back from Frasier's Hill at 6.30pm. That place is so darn cold! You can see fogs everywhere and that was the coolest part ever..

We had my dad's office family day there.. my dad was one of the committee in charge so we had to leave on Friday (except for my bro who had some sort of a test). Well, the food was better than last year's, so much of food here and there! They even got some durians, rambutans and langsats from Raub for the event.

Me, my mom and my sis entered the Mini Explorace under the group 'Ayah Pin' ( i know, i know.. my dad can be a little off sometimes) and we joined another group where we had to solve a puzzle to get a license before proceeding to the next course. 'Ayah Pin' was sent into the town of Frasier's to solve a few puzzles and riddles and we had to walk from our resort to the town and back! Very tiring, and we were the last to pass up our answers.. but we managed to get 5th place.. not bad eh!

At night we had a lil BBQ and the finale of AF3 was screened where we had to guess who's the winner. I'd never watched AF but my prediction of Mawi winning the title was ker-rect! During dinner, that was when i realised there was actually a cute guy around! He was the son of my dad's colleague, who is a Sarawakian. I didn't get a chance to talk to him cos he's like so tall and i think i looked like a lil girl to him ( i was wearing my dad's sweater, pratically drowning in it)..
But at least.. i can cuci mata..=)

OH! And there were this group of Japanese families who were staying in the same resort as us.. and the kids were so adorable.. me and my sis were like drooling..they were like 4-10 yrs old but they were so, so..CUTE! I wonder how they will look like once they've all grown up.. HAIH..

Today, some games were held and my two sisters participated. Me and my dad took part in the 'throw and catch the balloon' but we miscalculated our steps and got kicked out on the 3rd round. I also took part in 'Giant slippers' with some aunties but we lost..ehehe..

During lunch i got to see that fella again but just for a moment. I guess, luck wasn't on my side..
Well, to sum everything up.. it wasn't a bad weekend. I gotta start studying now. Like NOW. Yeah. HAH! =P

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