Friday, August 05, 2005

Why can't I let go of it?

Today, in school we had Hari Kantin/Hari sumthing Ko-kurikulum in school where all the clubs and societies set up stalls to sell their stuff. We had variety of food, drinks..yada..yada and there was even a lil stall selling accessories and plants *guffaws*.. I shared a large Domino's pizza with my friends and had my first taste of fried ice-cream, which tasted like toasted bread filled with ice-cream. Yum. I bought popsicles, fried cempedak, had a taste a chocolate coated marshmallows and ordered chicken rice for lunch.. i sound like a pig leh.. But the best part had got to be the lime flavoured bubble tea made by Wai Shin and Xin You. I've never thought that the boys in my class could whip up such a choon drink. Well, mine was properly done but i'm not sure about the others. HAHA. Guess i was lucky. But bravo, boys!

I feel a little frustrated today because i can't seem to be able to let go of something.. Well i thought i had let it go these past few years but i'd been reminded by it and i can't seem to find anyone to pour out to because it's very.. er.. complicated. I feel a little stupid. I feel like an idiot. And i'm the type that will never share out my problems, because i feel like it's stupid and it's a waste of people's time. But it's eating me from the inside.. chewing slowly.. AAGGGHH! And i have a test of three chapters tomorrow. Yipee.


  1. Yeah..the food was good...bubble tea was the best... was surprised to find out those 2 jokers were i charge.

    yeah, some ppl find it hard to relate problems... me too la...i guess it'll seem like exposing ur weakness or sumthing. or that talking about urself seems self-centred. Chill girl.

  2. Maybe I should have gone to school so that I could taste that "famous" bubble tea.


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