Monday, August 01, 2005

Why oh why?

Let's start with the basics:
I woke up this morning, sent my sis to school, came back, read CLEO, drank milk, ate a banana, continued with CLEO, bought the newspapers, ate some durians and took my morning shower. After that, i landed in..

SMK Seaport. Ahh.. my old school. Today, the Seaportians were having Pesta Ria. A lot of stalls scattered all over the field, with a stage in the middle, where hopeful bands strut their stuff in front of..ahem, qualified judges (ya ke?) and a non-existent crowd.. Well, let's just say.. The bands didn't appeal well to me except for maybe Kevin's band.. The guest bands were better.. We even had Dragon Red (a local band) performing and they received more attention! How i wish i was the emcee with Ikmal again.. i miss talking in front of a crowd... HAIH..
Anyways, it was great to be back. I met a lot of old friends, some seniors, friends from my primary era and the teachers..they looked younger! HAHAHA..
The food..nothing great.. except that Selene said the satays were good but i didn't try.. I shared a waffle with her, bought 2 bottles of mineral water, ABC, fruit punch.. and yeah.. that was it! Hehe.. i basically wasted RM10 of my mom's money on nothing much..

Later, me and Pak Wan went to have our eyebrows threaded.. which hurt quite a lot.. and it left me with a red face.. and the area around my lips are itching.. i hope it doesn't start swelling.. =P

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