Friday, July 29, 2005

The ups and downs of life..

Okay. How the hell did i come up with a new formulae for the area of a sphere? Pn. Shirley's gonna laugh at my paper, man. I tell you something must be controlling my mind..i should have trusted my first instinct. Today, i screwed up my Maths T1 paper. 4 questions. 50 marks. And i'll fail for sure. Hah. Serves me right for sleeping more than 8 hours and not studying.

Well, let's get on with the good news. I did shockingly well for my Physics test. HAHAHAHA. How well you ask me? I got 72. A damn 72. A B+. I might as well go straight to heaven. I'm happy. I'm estatic. I know this is like erm, bragging but i can't help itla. I've been failing all my life and finally, there is a strong proof that i'm not mentally retarded... for Physics. Okay, okay.. it wasn't a hard paper....hehehe..but i'm happy..

Up next week: Physics test on Tuesday, Chemistry test on Wednesday and General Studies test on Friday. (PAH! What's with all the teachers? But if they didn't do this, we kids will never start studying. At all.) Jia yoh! Kambade!

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