Saturday, July 23, 2005

Pay attention to... me, me, ME!

I'm definitely irked. Annoyed. Irritated. I just don't get it. Is it me who does not have any tolerance towards them or what? I'm talking bout those people who like to brag.. or worse, those who would come up with a more horrible/better story whenever somebody tells something. I mean, what the fuck?! One person tells something and he/she will try to outdo that story..i wanna hear that person's story, not yours! God, these attention-seeking people have no life of their own.. I can't believe this is frustrating me. Another thing, i dislike people telling me the same old story over and over again. Twice is okay, but when the number goes up.. you're freaking dead. You think i don't have brains, is it? Doesn't mean i can't remember some formulaes doesn't mean i'm DORY. It's a suprise that i don't blow up that easily... cos when i do..HAH!
And same goes to people who would reject my statement even before i'm done stating my statement. I would really prefer you asking me 'Why?' before going on a full blast saying that i'm wrong.. I have the freaking rights to give out my opinion, ok?! Just because i prefer doing this than doing that doesn't mean i'm wrong.. And please do not say 'Whatever' just because you disagree with me but you're too lazy to go against me. That is so fucking rude. (I can't help it. Swearing makes me feel better.) I wish i could just slap them without the fear of getting sued.. or even losing a friend.
Irritating me jokingly is fine. But as long as you don't boast, brag or think that the whole universe revolves around you, you'll have a spot in my heart. Trust me. Three words to those kind of people i've mention: Please be humble.
It's lil noisy aroung this Customs neighbourhood. This Sunday the upacara perasmian for this Customs place is going on.. we have tents on the field behind the office, performances, buffet and it seems that there's a big shot coming over. My dad said it was supposed to be the YDP Agong but HRH cancelled on us. So sad. Anyways, we have the marching band from the Henry Gurney school with us! Wow.. and the have their meals just the house under mine! It's quite amusing seeing these fellas with bald heads marching around your parking lots. And they have cool instruments! They even have bagpipes! The funny thing is, they had to do a head-count even before their meals. Takut nanti ada yang sesat. Well, i hope i can meet the lads. You know, make new friends and ask them how's their place like. Wait, i'm not trying to insult them or anything.. i just want to exchange infos! My youngest sister is taking part in the marching in stuff. Imagine a whole bunch of kids marching in.. i'm pretty sure it'll be like.. ''
Anyways, i'm not really sure whether i'm gonna go and watch the whole thingie. I might just end up sleeping in longer or go for a drive..haha..

Step by step,
Heart to heart,
Left right left,
And we all come down,
Like toy soldiers..
Bit by bit,
We're torn apart,
We'll never win,
But the battle wages on,
For toy soldiers..


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  1. I so understand what you mean...
    about the story-telling bit

    I'm quite sure i'm like that too...
    and i'm wondering if i was always like that or only lately. cos this has never bothered me too i would guess.

    its great that you can actually state these things so openly...

    Thanks for listening on thursday! Really appreciate it...


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