Wednesday, July 20, 2005

5 not good enuff meh?

Seriously. I got a band 5 for my MUET. Heh. I'm not sure whether i should be jumping for joy or bat my head with a hammer. I mean, it's good enuff, rite? Anyways, no point pondering on it.. i've paid another RM50 to take the year end paper..haha.. siao, man... now i'm feeling a lil regret.. hmm.. screw itla!

My bro's having a high fever now. He's all knocked out in bed. Poor baby. I think he's stressed out. I guess it runs down the family. Haha. As long as he doesn't pass it to me, good enuff. I can't afford to be having fever now.. or anytime soon before STPM.. Dat's kamikaze-ing already!

I'm quite amazed by myself. I'm not musically talented or watever but i'm capable of putting a tune together.. in my head.. Two nights ago i got a chorus for a song i planned to write for HIV-infected kids. It just came on suddenly...and it went off suddenly too! PAH! I guess i have a really bad memory... or my brain cells are deteorating at a higher rate..nevermind.. but i've always had a passion for music. HAHA. Maybe i should form a band with Yuen or sumthing..hehehe..

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