Sunday, July 10, 2005

Whatever happened to the colours?

*I'm writing this in the memory of the 1st band that introduced me to the beautiful sounds of live instruments*
It was that time when boybands such as Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync ruled my life. Oh yeah, and Hanson too. And not forgetting Spice Girls (i know..i know..). One day my friend was freaking over this new er..boyband named The Moffatts. I wasn't interested at first, since their first single I'll Be There For You didn't really make a big impact..on me. Then there was Miss You Like Crazy, a beautiful ballad that made everyone go "..i miss you..miss you..miss you.." But i went along. Then out of the blue, they came out with Crazy, a rock-infested song that made me wanna head-bang my head until i went completely nuts. From there, i started being a fan. Yup..hehe.. i started collecting posters, articles, snippets and got their album, Chapter 1: A New Beginning, cassette AND cd (just for their pics!). TV surfing was one of my hobbies back that i would be able to see anything on tv about them. I even bought their VCD, man! Then there was also a tour package album, containing remixes of their songs, 2 live recorded songs and 2 unreleased tracks.
A US version of Chapter 1 followed with addtion of a few new tracks such as Misery (which was featured in Teaching Mrs. Tingle, starring Katie Holmes), Until You Loved Me ( featured in Drew Barrymore's Never Been Kissed), Written All Over My Heart, Raining In My Mind and another hidden track, Over The Rainbow.
In 2002, after a long hiatus, the band released their new album, Submodalities. Although i have a few favourite tracks in that album, it was still a little disappointing. I prefer their US version of Chapter 1 cos i feel that songs like Misery and Written All Over My Heart, is more..them.
Now, it's been 7 years and i'm almost 19, and sometimes i think.. was it worth it wasting all my money and energy and time for them? I'm not regretting what i did back then, but i do regret that they are going their separate ways..from Pusch to Hidell to whatever else.. Frankly, i do miss them.
Finally, i would like to thank them for making me happy when i was down with their music, and i'm sure that the tunes will linger around me for quite a while.

Well i can't seem to face it,
Oh, that i am here and you are there,
And you don't seem to really care,
Well you can't seem to face it,
Oh, what's left of me,
Is for you to see..
~Written All Over My Heart- The Moffatts~

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