Wednesday, November 09, 2005

2 more days! AGGHHH!!!

I have absolutely no idea what i'm doing onlining when my exam starts on.. this FRIDAY! (the horror!) BTW, yesterday, i turned 19. *woo-hoo!**claps**fireworks*.. but weird.. i felt.. nothing..
When Selene asked me, "Do you feel bigger?" I couldn't really answer her. I felt normal. It's like a day just passed. I didn't bother checking my height though. Is it possible for me to grow taller?
My dad got me a chocolate cake and some KFC for dinner. It's like a tradition for us: A cake and either KFC or Pizza Hut for dinner on anybody's coming of age. And everybody has to be home, has to gather around the table and sing THE song (off-key with xtra sound effects usually) and munch in front of the TV. Simple yet.. lovely. Yesterday we watched Chicken Little. I love the fish! HAH! He's so adorable! And yet he can't really talk. The baby alien is also so cute. Not a bad show.

I've been lazy. I haven't finish studying. Except maybe for Maths. I'm such a loser sometimes. *sob*sob* Darn it. ='(

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