Thursday, November 24, 2005

My life starts now?

It's been 2 days since my last STPM paper. I'm so happy. Finally, the big burden is OFF my shoulders. I have like 6 months of doing nothing before i enrol into my next higher education institute, which i'm unsure i'll get in..
After our last paper, me and Yuen went to Berjaya Times Square to get passes to watch Machi in Zouk, KL, this Saturday. I'm so happy and i hope it'll rock! Hehehe.. I wanna have a look at their new members, it seems that for every album they keep coming up with new people! And Andrew's like, so big already. His voice is deeper than his Didi days. He's even taller than Jeff! =P
I went to watch Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire with my friends in One Utama yesterday and i have to say, it's better than the previous ones but still.. the book is more adventurous. The cast are getting better acting-wise and the boys, WOO-HOO.. it seems that puberty has done them a lot of good.. They're all so cute! Especially Fred and George.. i love their hair! I cried when Cedric died though.. cho sssaaaddddddd.. ='(
Jay Chou was in 1U also yesterday, signing album and promoting his new stuff. Jasmin told me he performed like, only one song! (WTH) but i didn't bother, i couldn't even see him from where i was standing and the line was.. OMG..haha.. Jay, Jay.. y you so popular wan?
Orange Range's gonna be releasing their 3rd DVD in December. Huhu.. i couldn't find any of their DVDs here.. che ma ban? All i know, i'm gonna get their book as soon as i get more cash. I need to get a job. FAST.

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