Sunday, April 03, 2005

You're falling back to me..

It's been a while since i've written and yuen teng's getting impatient.. aha!
Let's see..updates, updates..
I've recently moved to a new place for about 3 weeks already.. and i've got a bigger room.. that's a good thing.. but bladdy hell the place is so damn hot and full of mosquitos!
My aunt Vipha just gave birth to a healthy baby girl (on a trolley!) on the 26th of March.. hehe.. she's so smwalllll.. but i'm pretty sure she's gonna be as good looking as her elder siblings, Parveen and Pavani.. (the father's Siamese while the mom is than half Siamese..hence..the funky names)
I'm gonna be taking my MUET (Malaysian University English Test) on the 30th of April and 17th Mei.. and i hope that i'll do a good job on it.. hopefully...
I've just bought 3 new CDs: Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue, Our Lady Peace's Gravity and Sum 41's Does This Look Infected? I can't really comment on them yet as i havent listened to them properly..
My brother went to Simple Plan's show in Bukit Kiara and said Pierre used the word 'kentut' (fart)! Of all the Malay words he chosed to learn... haih.. Neways, Pak Wan was an angel cos she called me so that i can hear 'Perfect' but i guess i can't hear it properly.. she did the same thing when Hoobastank came down and the Force of Nature concert.. such a sweety. I owe her a lot..
I've got to study for Organic Chemstry test! I failed Physics and i cant afford to fail this one cos Pak Wan's gonna punch me upside down, inside out if i do..hehe.. not to mention my mom's gonna feed me to the mosquitos..
And i want to know Machi's latest updates! Anyone?

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