Monday, January 24, 2005


* Less than 3 more weeks to Chinese New Year!*

Hmm.. nothing much has been goin on in my very boring life.. except that i washed the school's toilet alongside with a few of my classmates (not as a punishment, mind you! more of a.. urm.. community service)
Went to Midvalley to watch National Treasure with Wenzy and Pak Wan.. the movie's not THAT great.. just average.. walked around a lot.. I need money..seriously.. i need/want a lot of things. I want to watch ELEKTRA. Jennifer Garner rocks!
I'm in love. With who? With a song. WHAT? siao ah?! Nola.. i heard a few favourite but forgotten songs and i realized that i need to get Our Lady Peace's Gravity album. I keep a list of albums which i plan to buy but usually i don't follow it. Funny right? Let me list a few here:
Our Lady Peace - Gravity/ Live
David Tao - Ultrasound
Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue (i couldn't find it it out yet or what?)
Green Day - American Idiot
Blue - The Best of Blue ( i... can't breathe easy, can't sleep at night..till you're by my side...)
and et cetera.
Oops! i have a tests on wednesday and thursday..chem and physics..haih..i'm too darn lazy to study.. screw 'em..
I still have 4 more driving hours to go before i can go for my test. Hopefully i can finish it before the new year so i can drive around my kampung.
Overall, it was an okay week. But it cant hurt if it was okay-er. =P

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  1. Darn...National Treasure's no-go huh?

    But yeah...Elektra sounds enticing. heh heh...


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