Saturday, December 02, 2017

Japan 2017: Tokyo Tower and Zojoji

After Tsukiji Fish Market and before heading to Nippon Budokan, we dropped by to see the Tokyo Tower!

We decided not to go up there a) to save money; and b) because I was nervous (or excited) for the concert. LOL

Look at me promoting these two 😂

Then we walked into Momijidani, a small park with waterfall while trying to find our way to Zojoji (pronounced as zou-jou-ji, 増上寺).

Momijidani Park was so peaceful, the trees had branches which blocked most of the sunlight. There were benches to sit and just admire the trees.

And huge ass crows lol.

We continued our walk to Zojoji and saw these little statues along the way.

The main hall

Was inspired to this shot with the main hall and Tokyo Tower after watching this video on Tokyo Tourist Traps by internationally ME

Quite grateful to have watched her videos before arriving in Tokyo, going to get pointers on other places from her videos for my next trips too!

Offered some prayers in the main hall and bought some charms from the Ankokuden (building no. 2 in the map) before going into the compound where the statues with red beanies were situated.

Turns out the little statues are actually guardian deities of children, dedicated for safety growth of children. They also serve as memorials for still-birth or miscarried babies. The red beanies, the red bibs and windmill sticks are to protect and keep the heads warm.


I actually felt a little sad after reading description, especially on the fact that they are also dedicated to still-birth or miscarried children. I hope they are well taken care of, wherever they are. 

Left the temple and head towards Shibakoen station to get to Nippon Budokan.

Gate of Daitokuin Mausoleum

It looked like it was going to rain (it did when we reached Nippon Budokan area!) but it woud be nice if we had a chance to have a picnic at the Shiba Park (Shibakoen).

Love this shot too!

Anyways, this is how we walked from the temple to the station:

Til next post then!

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