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Japan 2017: (The Day Before) RADWIMPS Human Bloom Tour 2017 Finale in Nippon Budokan

I’m excited to tell you peeps that I watched RADWIMPS at their Human Bloom Tour 2017!

The final two shows were in Nippon Budokan (日本武道館) and I got tickets to the second one, the finale, on May 10th.

After organizing the photos I’ve decided to break my post in two – one about the day before where I visited the goods booths and the other booths available and the concert day itself.

Now to answer the question on how I got the tickets.. if you’re interested to know..

Remember in my unboxing 人間開花 (ningenkaika = Human Bloom) post, I mentioned that I applied for the lottery to purchase the tickets earlier than others? Somehow I got lucky! Very lucky because applicants needed to give 3 options, and the May 10th option was my first choice! #unbelievable

So 5 months after the results announcement, me and my sister landed ourselves in Tokyo.

We went to Nippon Budokan on the day we arrived (May 9th) because I wanted to buy the goods to be worn to the concert.

Nippon Budokan can be accessed through Exit 2 of Kudanshita Station (九段下駅). At that exit, posters of the band’s endorsement for Aquarius (I bought thinking it was just drinking/mineral water but it turned to be something like Pocari Sweat haha) were plastered on the walls.

from here you can guess our favourite members :P

When we arrived to the entrance of Nippon Budokan’s compound, we were pointed to a row of white tents by a staff after telling him that we wanted to buy goods.

Since the concert had started there were no one at the goods booth so we took some time to decide what to buy, although I’ve already known that I was going to get the black t-shirt, face towel and rubber bracelets (in both colours!).

I had to get XL size for the tee (I wanted L) while the bracelets were left with green ones. So I bought two green rubber bracelets mwahahaha

Then we walked to the entrance to check out the banner. A few people were hanging out to listen to the show (YES IT’S AUDIBLE!). The staff even encouraged us to hang out at the area.

We then proceeded to the other booths which were available throughout the tour.


At RADWIMPS MEMBERS booth, visitors can write down messages for the band.

Obviously I had to leave my mark:

too happy until i don't know how to pose for this photo

RADMANIA booth held items related to the band, such as the outfits that they used in performances/concerts, memorabilia and etc. The middle outfits were worn during last year's NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen where they appeared for the first time

洗脳レコード (Senno Records), a booth displaying all their singles, albums, DVDs, books and related releases.

It was previously known as ラリルレコード (Rariru Records), as you can see from the staff's apron in the photo above. Not sure what caused the change.

Had to control myself from buying all! I bought nothing btw.. haha

Was tempted to ask the staff whether the plants were on sale because of the Senno Records ticket.. then I found out I have a sticker in the pamphlet given to concert-goers 


Maybe it's because they're going all out to promote their latest single, 洗脳 (Senno = Brain Washing), as evident in another booth.

Complete with a washing machine!

Look at all the brains OMG haha

Check out 洗脳:

It's released as an A-side single with サイハテアイニ (Saihate Aini) on May 10, 2017.

Got the chance to take some photos with the tour truck! It's good that we went a day earlier, didn't have to deal with the crowd.

Ok will post about the concert in my next post! Taking my time because I want to recall everything that happened that night.

Stay tuned!

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