Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Starbucks Singapore 2017 Planner

The year is coming to an end, so I'm pretty sure you know what that means.

New planner/organizer/schedule books and the likes!

When I saw that Starbucks Malaysia is finally getting it's own Moleskine planner I was so darn excited!

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Like finally!

Somehow I was not keen on spending for the drinks - trying to cut down on drinking anyways. Not really fond of them when I flipped through the sample at one of the stores. So I went to Starbucks Singapore to check on their offering and yeap, they're having Moleskine planners too!

Got my brother to help me get it. I wanted either the geranium red or sapphire blue but he couldn't get it, so I was settled with a black one.

2016 calendar

2017 calendar

even 2018 calendar!

I like the fact that now instead of lumping the calendar in the pages at the front, they were all separated with writing pages! It's like they read my wish from my post on 2016 planner!

Oklah maybe they didn't but thought it out themselves LOL.

Every month it has different sort of themes for you to play with.

I like this! :D Planning to stick all my favourite stuff heehee

so pretty!

Also comes with a quality control/identification sticker! And also vouchers which I plan to give to my brother.

A little sneak on the pages as I'm too lazy to take photos of all of them.

I'm determined to use this as my journal to document my 2017 journey. I will try my best to make 2017 an exciting year not only for me, but my loved ones.

So many exciting things will be happening next year - weddings, new arrivals and Japan trip perhaps?

Stay tuned!

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