Thursday, July 21, 2016

Highlight from SMTM5 Finale

Last week SMTM5 ended and the crowned winner is..


Anyways, the highlight from the finale which was broadcasted live was this:

Special performance by SMTM5 contestants - Flowsik, Hash Swan, Boi B, Tae Woon and G2, performing 도깨비 (goblin? monster?)

I was really impressed with Boi B's and Tae Woon's raps actually. Not much of a fan of G2's voice.

And Hash Swan is such adorable I wanna put him in my pocket.

Especially because of this:

A photo posted by 해쉬스완 (@hashblanccoa) on
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LOL so cute hahaha he's like a small kid compared to Flowsik.

Ok that's all bai bai congrats again BewhY!

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