Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Food Roundup: June 2016

Hello this is another edition of Food Roundup!

Trying my best to get into my blogging groove..

..because I'm bored and I take many photos of food so I need to deposit them somewhere besides my Dropbox.

Anyways, here goes!

Sushi Tei

I went to Sushi Tei twice in June - once in Nu Sentral while the other time in Tropicana City Mall.

ahem #closetalcoholic

Both times I had my favourite negitoro don. :P

salted egg soft shell crab - sinful sinful

negitoro don in Nu Sentral branch

salmon mentai, salmon ikura and lobster salad sushis

negitoro don in Tropicana City Mall branch

Would really appreciate it if anyone can tell me where else I can find negitoro don. Sushi Zanmai seriously needs to consider offering this because I can't be satisfied with its negitoro maki.

Sukiya, Damansara Uptown

Sukiya is a Japanese fast food restaurant that dishes out rice bowls. I've been to the one in Kota Damansara before, and the one in Osaka (still haven't gotten a chance to blog on that! I have no idea where my camera's at). Me and my sister wandered into this branch while looking for a place for dinner one night.

The menu is not as extensive as the one I went to in Japan. I can't remember how was the one in Kota Damansara because that was ages agooooooo.

teriyaki chicken teishoku

teriyaki ramen with seafood tofu

The food was just okay. Would really appreciate if they could bring in unagi, but I think that would be expensive.

Fuel Shack, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)

Supreme Lamb Burger

Quite tasty, although a bit on the expensive side. Not your average fast food.

Nara Kitchen & Co, Damansara Uptown

I love going to Nara Kitchen & Co.

Because I love the Nara in Japan. Although this Nara obviously has no connection with Japan's Nara.

Secret Garden

Can be an expensive treat too, so I try not to go too often.

Truffle fries

But of course it can be expensive because I am usually very greedy XP


All Day Breakfast Waffle

Menya Kamikaze Ramen, 1Mont Kiara

So my colleague brought up the idea of visiting this ramen place in 1Mont Kiara which we would ALWAYS ignore because we'll head straight to Sushi Zanmai located next to it. XP

Quite an extensive menu it offers. Variety of broths!

We both ordered the set meals which comes with gyoza (or you can choose chicken kaarage) and salad. Mind you there are also sets with different combos.

Got meself the miso ramen, since I'm a miso girl.

The broth didn't have a strong miso taste as I hoped for, so I ended up overloading chilli into it, thus spoiling the overall taste.

And not finishing my ramen.

This did not have a strong pork broth taste so if you're not into strong tonkotsu ramen kinda taste, you can opt for this!


P/S: Sorry for the half-hearted post, I sort of forgot how the food tasted heehee.

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