Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Japan 2015: Nara

Warning: this is a photo-loaded post!

On the 3rd day of our Japan trip, I brought the girls to Nara to say hello to the deers!

When it was agreed that we would be focusing on the Kansai area for the trip, I immediately put Nara in the list. I loved it the first time I was there and was happy that I can bring my friends to a place where they can enjoy both nature (the wild and carefree deers) and (part of) Japan's history.

From Daikokucho-eki, we took the red Midosuji line towards Senrichuo to Namba-eki. Find the Kintetsu Namba area to purchase your train tickets. Take the Kintetsu-Nara Line until the last stop which is the Kintetsu-Nara station. I actually used Google Maps without consulting my old blogpost and we ended up at the station before hhhmmmppphhh luckily the ticket price was the same. The ride took about 40 minutes.

We slowly walked towards the direction of the park. Once nearing it, we already started seeing some deers roaming around since there were vendors selling senbei (crackers) for the deers.

Since previously I did not feed the deers, I thought why not this time. So I bought a stack and immediately I was approached by a deer.

So happily I gave it.

Then it gobbled the damn cracker in less than a second #wtf.

It nudged me for more while another came.

It took them like what? less than a minute to finish the stack, which had about 8-10 pieces.

*special thanks to Loo Loo for capturing this historic moment LOL*

No wonder they are so healthy haha.

The East Golden Hall, Tōkon-dō (東金堂)

didn't get a chance to try this! been wanting to try dango

spotted a turtle

We didn't enter the Todaiji so we sat outside the entrance for a moment.

The Todaiji, where the Daibutsu is

Since I had the two girls with me, this time I got to explore other places in the area!

Besides the Todaiji, there are other shrines in the Nara Park, so be sure to take your time to venture. I recommend spending a day here. :)

The Asoka Pillar

Nearby the Todaiji, you will notice this pillar with lion heads which is called the Asoka Pillar, built in commemoration of the Thousand-Priests Service held by the All Japan Young Buddhist Association during the Hana Matsuri (Buddha's birthday, or Wesak. However Wesak in Japan is not celebrated on the same dates as us in Malaysia).

Deer: Watchu doin' hooman?

And from here onward I had to resort to my phone because my camera battery died. I was confident that it could last without charging the night before. #wtf

Loo Loo mentioned the gates were engraved with names of the family members of a clan and their positions :O

In Nara park, you will notice a lot of warning signs as below. Though you might think the deers of Nara seem pretty harmless, please be warned.

We actually witnessed children being headbutted by the deers!

hope whoever wrote this got his/her wish!

It actually poured when we wanted to leave the park.

Even though we had our umbrellas, we had to stop under a tree because the rain got so heavy and there were no other places to seek shelter. So we just stood there for a few minutes until it became lighter.

Headed towards the Higakimushi Shopping Street to get my JPY130 red bean mochi from Nakatanidou.

We ended up in はぎのや (Haginoya) for our very late lunch. Decided on this restaurant among others in Higashimuki Shopping Street because we were attracted to the food replicas outside the restaurant.

Had my usual katsudon, which was really good!

The restaurant was decorated with vintage posters and also comics, not only in Japanese but also English versions!

I should have bought that deer plushy

After lunch we rode the train back to our accomodation, bought some late night snacks just in case we were hungry and called it a night.

I love Nara. And I will definitely be back some day.



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