Friday, January 15, 2016

My First Hermo Purchase!

Alright girls (and guys!), I'm pretty sure you're into online shopping as I do.


If yes continue reading, if no also, continue readinglah if you like my nonsense. Haha.

There are plenty of online shopping websites for beauty products out there on the web. Personally I've bought stuff from (moons ago!) and Luxola. Sorry no reviews I was too lazy to bother haha now I very rajin blogging that's why I'm doing this.

I just recently discovered Hermo, and was given RM15 off first purchase voucher when I was prompted for my email the moment I landed on the page. At first I never thought of using it until it was written that I have only 7 days to decide!

And minimum purchase must be RM100!

I hate it when they (read: online shops) do stuff like this.

So I decided to buy things which will add up to that amount, things that I regularly use and regularly run out of - toner and makeup remover. Should have bought sanitary pads to hmmm but I still have stock so nevermindloh.

After countless times of adding and removing items into my shopping cart, I ended with this.

Hermo has a lot of brands especially Korean brands like Laneige, Yadah, 3CE and etc. It was crazy trying to look at the things! I want everything! The website for me was easy to use - items can be viewed by categories or by brands.

However, there are some things that I think the website can improve on. The gift voucher that was emailed to me mentioned that it is invalid for "Showcase, Hotdeal, and Super Hotdeal" items, but some of the products that were not placed under "ALL DEALS" were also invalid to be bought using the voucher. I wanted to buy the SHILLS Pore Minimiser Clarifying Toner but I couldn't apply the voucher for it as it was written as promotional item, only AFTER I was at the second stage of ordering. It wasn't written anywhere on the product page that it was a promotional item. :(

So I hope Hermo can work out on putting special labels when the item is not valid for any vouchers.

I think potential customers will also appreciate if the items have ratings! I'm usually attracted to products if I see them with high ratings which correspond to the reviews given.

And another thing that I would like Hermo to improve on is to put the price for items in the wishlist and a delete button at the cart when the mouse hovers over the "MY CART" tab. That way customers can easily delete items if they decide not to buy.

Like fickle-minded me haha.

The items take 1-3 days to be shipped out. I placed my order before 10pm on Saturday. On Monday I received an email notification and an SMS that my order had been posted using GDEx, together with my tracking number!

My items arrived on Tuesday!


Thank you for the bubble wrap!

From left to right: YADAH Pore Refining Toner, It'S SKIN Babyface natural eyebrow (02) and Naruko Raw Job's Tears Vitamin B12 Eye & Lip Makeup-off

I won't be using these items that soon since my current toner and makeup remover still need a while to be emptied. Maybe I'll try the eyebrow pencil when I feel like wearing full face makeup (I hardly use eyebrow stuff truthfully). I just got it because it was cheap (less than RM15) and wanted to achieve RM100! #cheapskate However it had good reviews for those who wants to have natural eyebrows lol.

Anyways, if you're interested in trying out Hermo, feel free to click the invitation link here. You should receive a RM15 first purchase voucher once you've set up an account!

So will I purchase again from Hermo?

Possibly, because they do carry some products that are unavailable on other sites and sometimes they have deals/promotions. I have more than 40 items in my wishlist anyways. I'm not sure all will be fulfilled or not.

My advice is be diligent and do your comparison before purchasing, okay?

Will try to write on other shopping sites!

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