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Japan 2015: Tempozan Marketplace and Dotonbori

After spending some time in the Osaka Kaiyukan, we headed out for some late lunch at the nearby Tempozan Marketplace, which is a building filled with shops, restaurants, amusement/entertainment centres and also halls. We went to look at the restaurants available at the top floor before we found out these lovelies who have been a passion of Kristen's - nudibranchs!

I've only seen them when Kristen and some other friends in the marine biology field posted photos of nudibranchs on their FB. Never thought I would be able to see them up live! So colourful and pretty!

We decided to head to the "food court" - なにわ食いしんぼ横丁 (Naniwa Kuishimbo Yokocho), which has a variety of stalls from Osaka specialties to fast food (KFC, Subway, burgers etc.) to desserts!

We were approached by a lady who offered us some food samples and was quite delighted when she found out that we came from Malaysia. Then she went on asking whether her food was "sedap" or not LOL. We told her that we would walk around the area first and she responded with "terima kasih" wtf why she so cute.

We couldn't really decide what to eat so we ended up at her place. I can't remember what was the name of her stall but it's the first stall on the left alley!

err.. i don't remember whether this placard was the one outside her stall

As her stall didn't sell takoyaki, she allowed us to buy them from the stall outside to eat in her establishment. #touched

So yeah, we three gluttons not only had 12 takoyakis, but also 2 okonomiyakis!

okonomiyaki, but i can't remember what type

cheese okonomiyaki

if any of you had watched 家政婦のミタ (Kaseifu no Mita) starring Nanako Matsushima (Takashi Sorimachi's wife), Miyu is one of the child actress in the show. Loved her acting in that drama!

We had a hard time moving after the meal so we took some time to discuss what to do that night. Upon leaving the area, we found these interesting machines:

They were souvenir coin machines!

I got greedy and ended up getting all three designs, each JPY200.

Left the Tempozan Marketplace at about 4pm since Loo Loo managed to arrange for us to meet up with her friend who's currently based in Osaka.

my stomach had no space for this, sadly

werk it babies!

On the way to the subway station

To get to Shinsaibashi-eki from Osakako-eki, ride the green Chuo Line towards Gakken-Nara-Tomigaoka and stop at Hommachi-eki and switch to the red Midosuji Line (heading towards Tennoji).

The Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street is very long so the recommended exits are 5, 6 or 10. I can't remember where we came out from so it took us a while to get into it haha.

stopped in Daiso somewhere here I think

Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street

Glico man!

of course must take photo with him ba

Tsutaya Ebisubashi, where I met fellow UVERworld fans Vicky and Yinghui in 2012

Kani Doraku

We walked the area for a while before he brought us to Ebisubashisuji for early dinner at a kaiten sushi place called 元禄寿司 (Genrokuzushi).

We had to queue for a short while. While waiting we noticed that it offered takeouts as well, which I think is also quite a brilliant idea!

We split into two pairs - me and Kristen while Loo Loo and her friend, Lim.

How to drink delicious tea. After 2nd step you can put hot water liao. The same system used in Sakae Sushi - the tap


Each plate of sushi was priced at JPY135 only.

uni sushi, which had strong sea taste/scent.

At that time it would be about RM4.20.

Some plates had two pieces of sushi, some had one, which I assumed might be more expensive so they can't put two on a plate if not rugi.

I finally found out the 白子 (shirako) thingie that made Cheesie into a sperm addict. Haha. When I first saw it on the belt I was like, "OMAGAD is this IT?"

I took a plate. And then took photos. When I told Kristen she was so surprised. Then I suddenly became unsure since I read the post 2 years back and wondered if it was the same thing or I mixed it up with something else which she ate.

So while taking a bite, Kristen looked it up, and read what it was.

Shirako is milt = bunch of sperms.

The texture was like pudding. It wasn't so bad, until I started imagining.. things. To add to the horror Kristen was also reading the description. Then I suddenly had a weird sensation in my mouth.

It felt so wrong all of the sudden! And some bites had very bitter taste (which I had no idea came from where but I hope it was from the orange thing because I kept thinking "did they accidentally swapped this with another organ i.e. stomach?") so I had a hard time trying to swallow but still trying to keep my cool and remembered that Cheesie said this stuff is gooooooooood.

I didn't want to waste money so I actually forced both of them down my throat.

Well at least I swallowed (codfish) sperms. I shall try swallowing other (fishes) sperms next time *cough cough* 

I had a total of 10 plates, even though we had a late lunch earlier.

To locate Genrokuzushi in Dotonbori, with Tsutaya Ebisubashi on your right and Kani Doraku (the restaurant with giant moving crab sign) on your left, walk straight. It will be one of the restaurants on your left.

Opposite it you can see this Little Osaka Omiyage Market with a mini version of the Glico Man and also another sushi restaurant, which is called Sushizanmai. I might try Sushizanmai the next time I go Shinsaibashi area.

However, fret not because there are so many restaurants available in that area, you'll be spoilt for choices! From takoyaki stalls to Western food to Japanese food.. so please do your research before coming.

Unless you're planning to eat at this area every day then hats off to you!

Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street. Oh there's Lim's face at bottom right haha. He's the co-founder and lead photographer of LEO Photography Studio

We walked around the area for a while before parting ways at Don Quijote along the Dotonbori river. We were on our way back when suddenly I spotted PABLO!

PABLO is known for its cheese tart, and I always see this being recommended. Although we were full since we had not digested our dinner (and half-digested late lunch), the girls didn't mind stopping for dessert.

The funny thing was they ran out of the full size cheese tarts so we could only order the mini ones. And order we did.

mini cheese tart - plain

The cheese tarts were alright. I didn't reach orgasm as I expected (just like how I didn't with the tara shirako LOL look at me trying to be funny here). Maybe I was too full. But I wouldn't mind trying the plain one again.

mini cheese tart - matcha

To get to Dotonbori's Pablo cafe, walk across the Ebisubashi (Tsutaya will be behind you) and after H&M you will spot it somewhere on your right. We went there at about 8pm and there were not that many people, until we turned after placing our orders and saw a long line forming wtf.

From there, we walked back to our apartment.

It took us about half an hour (about 2km, because from Daikokucho-eki is just two stations away from Shinsaibashi-eki, so I proposed us to walk) to get home, but at least the night life was enjoyable.

Except for this one part where we passed the Namba Yasaka Shrine (at that time we had no idea what shrine/temple it was) with its gates closed and dark. I happened to spot two lights and when I saw it they looked like eyes! Turned out they were the eyes of the huge lion head of that shrine.

Freaked us out for a moment since even though the area was dark, the two eyes were so prominent from where we were standing outside the gate.

Lari terus siot.

Not really. We just left the area asap hahah. It was a pity I didn't find out about this earlier.

That's it for now. Next up will be Osaka Castle and Umeda Sky Building (if I can fit them into one post!)

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