Sunday, September 07, 2014

Simple pleasures in life

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When I received a notification on Churp Churp on one of their latest campaigns, Jacob's Simple Pleasures, my mind immediately flashed to my university days whereby how Jacob's crackers gave me such simple (eating) pleasures (eh!) when slathered with a good amount of Lady's Choice Peanut Butter and Chocolate stripes (other flavours just don't cut it).

I'd always end up purchasing the Low Salt High Fibre ones instead of the Cream Crackers, to balance out the creaminess of the spread. And of course at that time, my only income was my PTPTN loan (LOL!), they were my food alternatives when I get bored of the makcik's food in front of our hostel area or have hunger pangs while studying (yeah right) or just wanting to snack on something but not anything unhealthy (note: junk food), I'd end up reaching for my crackers which would be in the big tin.

When I ran out of the crackers I would buy the ones in the packets to refill the tin (cheapskate save money mah) and dump them into the tin. Since I've started working I don't buy the crackers anymore because I can go out for lunches/to buy lunches, except for that one time during my 6-month programme when I needed some snacking during free time.

Inspired by that campaign, I'm gonna talk about some of my simple pleasures in life. I said some because I might end up missing stuff since I can be absent-minded at times.

1. A good cup of coffee

I call myself a #coffeeholic (no, not hashtag coffeeholic, just coffeeholic, but I placed the hashtag,'s my blog and I can do it!). I drink coffee almost everyday. Wait almost? I think I drink everyday including weekends! On weekdays, I will drink a cup, somewhere in the middle between breakfast and lunch. When days get crazy I can end up drinking more! On weekends, I would drink in the morning and usually when I'm out. And I am always on the lookout for good canned coffees! So far my favourites are from this Japanese brand called UCC. :)

sorry for the awful photo quality, it was taken with my old phone and this is the Instagram uploaded one.

More the reason I should submit a photo for the contest to win the espresso machine, no?
*starts digging for potential prize-worthy photos*

2. Listening to my favourite song(s)

I hardly listen to the radio when I drive. My car comes with iPod plug-in so my trusty 4th generation iPod Touch gets abused more! Most of the songs are quite old, I don't keep myself updated with new songs unless they're from my favourite artistes or some random songs that I like a lot.

It's like a therapy really. Sometimes when I am not in a jolly mood, certain songs can just lift up my spirits and make me smile again. Some songs can just get me superhyper even when I'm in a good mood and it will end up multiplying my good mood!

You can see that I've put up a list of my favourite songs of the moment on my sidebar, but honestly there are tons more!

Like currently, one of my faves is this acoustic cover of UVERworld's 7日目の決意 by Aiemu, which is just damn beautiful. I mean of course I love the original, but this I gotta promote as well.

And also Taylor's Swift Shake It Off.

It's just a fun song lah although I'm not like her biggest fan. Ok I am not a fan haha but I don't dislike her or anything. I do like some of her stuff but I wouldn't call myself a fan.

I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake
Shake it off
I shake it off
*dances like a crazy lady*

3. Books

I'm not what you would call a bookworm. I used to read A LOT when I was younger. When I like a certain book I can finish it off in a day or too. Now I can't do it anymore, the most I can do is read maybe 3-4 chapters in one go if the book is really, really interesting.

4. Eating

My favourite gelato is the one from Cielo Dolci

Isn't it the best pleasure in life? I'm basically a glutton, I'm sure I was born to eat, not to eat to live. I'm happy when I eat, especially good food.

my mom's khao jam (nasi ulam) - we call it nasi kerabu though

Nando's Chicken Breast Fillet Burger with coleslaw and peri chips

rambang mata

Sakae Sushi's grilled salmon belly - a favourite

I know of a friend who eats a lot when she is stressed/angry/upset, but immediately after eating her meal (appetiser + main dish), she would say, "Ah I feel much better now, not so angry/stressed/upset anymore" and goes back facing her challenges as if nothing happened.

Talk about food therapy.

So I hope I can inspire you all to write about you favourite simple pleasures in life too! Head on to Jacob's Malaysia FB page to participate in the contest if you're interested!

Celebrate your simple pleasures! *cheers*

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