Sunday, April 20, 2014

Snipped my own fringe!

Note: This will go down in history as the first post with the most photos of my face. You're welcome.

The last time I cut my hair was probably end of last year during my birthday month, and after that I didn't bother doing anything because I miss having long hair (especially the one during my uni days) and I wanted to feel girlier more ladylike.


I got really annoyed of my lifeless/dull/fine hair, but I really didn't want it to be short anymore!

Because having supershort boycut hair makes it difficult to dress up in skirts and dresses TT

And I have my cousin's wedding on New Year!

I have super wavy hairy and the ends always curves up sometimes i feel like an auntie.

One day I saw this:

from Park Bom's instagram

and I thought it's so cute!

It took me a while to decide whether I should cut my bangs, I didn't think it was worth the money to head to a salon just get my bangs cut.

And I love wearing headbands when I put my hair up, just because I feel like they balance out my face.

I have fat face, so cutting short is not an option for now.

So I waited.

Then I randomly googled "how to cut own fringe"

And the rest is history.

I only watched this video as a guide:

Her hair is so nice :3
So I went from this:

to this:
I'm quite happy with the result, although I wish I didn't rush it (the impatient me triumphed again wtf)
The next morning I cursed myself a little bit because I didn't know what to do with my hair and since I sweat a lot it made my hair flat.
So last Monday was Monday blues + bad hair day + fat day wtf.

Survived a steamboat dinner with friends though. :)

Yuen Steamboat, Zenith Corporate Park, Kelana Jaya
Here are the remaining workdays selfies from last week (and you can exchange greetings with my horrible dark undereyes):


Wednesday (must have been a grumpy one, hence only one photo)


I still have itches once in a while to go really short, but I thought I'll wait until I slim down a little first. Whenever that is lah. Haha.


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