Sunday, January 12, 2014

To be me again.

Initially I thought..

Fuck resolutions this year.


Because I didn't have the time/energy/will/desire to have any this year after such an emotional 2013.

But then since I've been doing for the past few years, and I did resolve to be somewhat better in something or just generally, I thought what the hell.

There's only one resolution this year. Because I didn't feel as ambitious as I was in the yesteryears.

I just want to build my life back.



So many things I let go because of a guy who ended up breaking my heart - my passion for Japanese language, my Japanese bands, my 2nd trip to Japan (and a Nippon Budokan experience!), my friends, my time..

I allowed myself to be sucked into him that I pretty much lost my identity.

Okay I didn't lose my identity, but I finally figured that everytime I'm with someone I ended up sacrificing a lot for him.

Since I'm not here to sulk (that's for another post), I just wish that for this year, I hope I will be able to build up my life again - my lost dreams and passions, lost times..

I know it will take me some time - might even spill over to the years to come if I don't try hard enough.

But I guess this is something I have to do.

To be me again.

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