Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Korean Dream Part 1 - The Takeoff and Landing

WeeN's note: So apparently I didn't miss out much from the Korean Music Wave 2011 while I was in Seoul - Ika informed me that Seungri sang 3 songs and GD&TOP sang 3 songs. Phew!

I wanted to combine all the first day (including the flight) into one post but it's impossible! So I'll split into two (or three?)! :P

23rd --> 24th September 2011, KUL --> ICN

Took leave that day - lucky I did because I was not done packing! Went to have lunch with my colleagues with an intention to visit another colleague's newborn baby (yeah, we didn't want to see her haha) but that didn't happen, so lunch and went back to continue packing.

I panicked like 10 minutes before leaving home - brought a large suitcase and was having problem with it. Feared that it exceeded 15kg, my dad tried carrying it (since my mom threw away our weighing scale!) and said, "Hmm, almost there." I panicked and threw our my pack of masks (konon want to use mask over there) and my extra (ahem!) makeup bag and hoped for the best.

My brother drove me and Pakwan to the LCCT, and along the way I was so excited/nervous that I was fidgeted a lot.

"I haven't been on a plane for since I was 11!"

Sad but true.

Reached aiport around 9pm, did the mobile check-in, worried about Wenzy, and went to McD's for dinner. Both of us were anxious since Wenzy has not arrived when our flight was supposed to be at 11pm.

But she arrived, although late, and we went to baggage drop off.

My luggage was 14.8kg (PHEW! my dad is awesome kan?)

Went through the usual, jakun me went through the body scanner with my phone in the pocket wtf and got to our boarding gate and then..

yada yada sorry if this is boring i myself got bored typing this LOL

Anyways I have a confession to make:

I actually teared (a little bit only OK!) when the plane took off. I'm not sure why. It's either I was too happy about going on my furthest (for now) overseas trip or the fact that I'm fulfilling my dream of going to Korea.


excuse the stupid smile, Wenzy scolded for not smiling excitedly so I automatically did and that weird smile just appeared on my face!

Overall our flight was okay, EXCEPT for the two babies who cried almost through the entire flight! I was annoyed I must admit, but that's because I couldn't stand it because they were crying as if they were in pain, and I so cannot take that weh.

I think I slept like an hour? Kept waking up now and then..

at 0458 hours Korean time

at 0520 hours Korean time

We reached at around 0620 local time, and when I was about to walk out of the plane I saw my primary school friend! LOL. But didn't manage to catch her after we were walking towards immigration and luggage pick up.

first toilet in Korea - the airport's!

The weather was around 16 degrees, cold for me since I can't even stand my own office's airconditioning. But I love it better than Malaysia's hot weather obviously. Haha.

Me and Pakwan skipped eating while on the flight while Wenzy had awful plane food, so we had to find breakfast! Initially wanted to try Paris Baguette but since the place had limited seats, we went to its neighbour, Cafe Pascucci!

my bagel with ham and cream cheese. the little biscuits are actually toasted garlic bread, which were sweet! :O

Pakwan's panini ham and something i can't remember LOL

And then off we go to our accomodation!

Took awhile to decide how to travel, in the end got the T-money cards and decided to take the train (Exit 7, if I'm not mistaken). T-money is actually like Touch n Go, but they can also be used in taxis, 7-Eleven, GS25 AND Family Mart. And maybe other places we didn't know! :O

first, send postcards home!

what i sent home

NOT lost!

Pakwan with the ticket machines, while what the couple is pointing is actually, the lines of train of Seoul


Part Two: Korean Dream - The (packed) streets of Myeongdong


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