Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bling bling

This is just a Korean-trip related post, since I still haven't been able to post about my trip.

Have been emo-ing yesterday, so to perk myself up, I took photos of the jewelry that I bought in Korea.

I thought I went crazy and bought a lot, but actually it's not that much!

Unless I didn't unpack properly and there are more jewelry hidden somewhere in my bags! LOL

The three of us bought this bracelet each as a friendship bracelet. We used to have friendship rings (with our initials engraved on them!), but I guess they're either lost/karat haha

the friendship bracelet

We got them at a shop called FARMER in Apgujeong, and I think it's a chain since we found the shop in Garosugil too.

random ring from one of the stalls in Myeongdong which is 3,000₩

On our last day, we went to Changdeokgung. Since we were too early for the English tour, we went into the streets and got into this shop which caught our attentions. All the stuff were handmade, but they're not cheap. Couldn't help myself to buy two pieces though. Wanted to buy more but.. of course I had to control myself!

Was in Ssamziegil after visiting Gyeongbokgung on our fourth day, many shops selling stuff and I tried to control myself from buying stuff I don't need (or maybe can get cheaper), but succumbed to temptation and straightaway bought 3 items at ONE stall! Haha..

wings on ears, so I can fly?

wings, again

love this! so pretty!

After that I bought so much gifts (for people!) at one uncle's shop haha fail.

Now, I bought the items below at this one shop in Myeongdong, but I can't remember the name. Once I can recall (where's my receipt dey?) I'll put it up. All I remember it's at the row of shops opposite lesportsac (if you see lesportsac on your right, at a corner, then it's at the left). We love this shop, went there twice, Pakwan bought 2 cardigans! The shop sells bags, wallets (some made from eel skin! :O), clothes, hairclips, jewelries etc..

wing-ed again!

Lastly these are the ones that I bought at random places which I conveniently forgot. :P


Korean trip post soon! I promise! :)


  1. OMG!!! So many accessories!!! <3<3<3
    Love the earrings!! One of the wing-ed earring is similar to the LeeTeuk's one!! So nice~!!

  2. yes! i should have bought more!

    OoOoO i didn't know LeeTeuk has a similar pair heehee

  3. FUYOH SO BANYAK! but i like the wing accessories!! :D

  4. omg omg omg. that wing earrings! i've been searching it for so long~ really like Micky's one and also Peyton Sawyer's one. aaargh. how much is it???


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