Sunday, April 03, 2011

Revolution of ours

Had a 4D/3N course last week, which was alright. Met a lot of new people under my big department, and am glad when they thanked me for being a great leader. Although I think I didn't do well - I'm bad at speaking while my partner is soooo good at it I let him do all the talking most of the time haha.

The only thing which irked me was why can't they make courses more fun and less childish? Halfway through the first day I was already thinking about going back to the office instead!

I think the only highlight for me was making new contacts.

And enjoying myself with my close colleagues, commemorating our first anniversary in the service.

*** Seng Huat Under The Bridge Klang Bak Kut Teh

Finally my craving for bak kut teh is satisfied! For now at least. Weeks after putting the plan on hold, we finally managed the get our butts up to find bak kut teh! Searched for a few places but finally settled on Seng Huat cause Pak Wan knows the way there.

location: Jalan Timur Raya, Klang, same row as the railway station

This was actually my first time eating bak kut teh not served in a claypot, thus making the soup go cold quite fast. Or maybe it's also because we sat directly beside a huge fan :P The soup was not as thick as how I like it to be, but the meat was so tender.

We'll be trying other places haha.


Monopoly Revolution

I can't remember the last time I played Monopoly. I don't even know where my set went.

Selene wanted to play during her birthday (while we were planning on what to do) and I suggested playing the board game, involving alcohol.

"Let's play! Whoever passes GO must down one shot!" "Whoever gets into jail must down two before going out!"

FML until now they are not letting me go because of this.

So we played after bak kut teh session and we played an updated version of it:


Everybody say "WWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" with me now.

Selene+Tien Ming bought this for Chi Seng as a Christmas pressie, and lo and behold now only it's being played!

a round board instead of the usual square one

the little shaped thingies are now turned into these!

my weapon of choice. see the card? each player holds the card instead of paper monies and it's preloaded with 15 million Monopoly Dollars, which I had mistaken for Malaysian Ringgit hahaha

the star of this game, functions as a money transferring device. The Chances are also displayed on this device, so there are no physical Chance cards

Chi Seng absorbing himself with all the rules and regulations but in the end we still played all wrongly!

transferring money to the first GO-passer! no alcohol-downing though hehe

my first land

this is when a player needs to pay another player money: receiver's card slotted into green while payer's card slotted into red

lands i collected while game is on

But I was damn suey lor. I had my Liverpool Station "stolen" by Tien Ming (his Chance) and was the first to go into jail! And I went in TWICE!

Chi Seng's smelly boot visiting my ship

However, Chi Seng must have been more suey because he went into jail THRICE!


the bladdy basketcase who got cursed by everyone for his misdeeds (and endless good luck!)

I can't remember what happened here but I lovelovelove her bohsong expression!

Game ended with me having the least money, but at least I had a colour group complete! YEAYYYY~

Can't wait to play the alcohol version.


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