Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I used to be a big fan of the Taiwanese hip-hop group, Machi especially during when was around 17? 18?

Jump 2003 (from their 1st album)

Shuang(from their 2nd album)

Wo Ai Chou Sing Sing
(from their 3rd album, check out Stefanie Sun in it!)

I went to watch them in 2004, when they came down to perform for a Merdeka celebration, and attended their showcase in 2005, tickets courtesy of Yuen (and I won two extra tickets from MTV Asia!)

After their 3rd album my interest in them sort of dwindled down, and I didn't hear any new songs from them. So imagine my urm, surprise when I saw a photo of one of the members on allkpop.com, when they wrote about a new group, Aziatix.

"Isn't that Xiao Pang Zhi?" (they guy on the left)

Xiao Pang Zhi (Real name: Nicky Lee) is a Korean American, who is a member of Machi. Besides the group's releases, I think he also released two solo albums. And I bought his first album, Shadow and err it's somewhere in my room though. :P

So this is GO by Aziatix, a group produced by Jae Chong, who also produced for Machi.

I like this song a lot, I've always loved Nicky's soulful voice. Eddie Shin (the dude with the long hair)'s voice is good too, and Flowsik's urm flow is *thumbs up* Looking forward to more songs from them!

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