Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I chose the title for this post after watching Class 3-A's performance in the Japanese version of My Boss, My Hero, starring one of my favourite actors, Nagase Tomoya.

His stupidity in that drama is damn adorable. I like.

* * *

My convocation passed by very fast with my time on the stage can be considered as "3-seconds of fame" as mentioned by a Malay girl sitting behind me in DSM.


I did not take much photos as expected by Cawan Milo. Pretty much because I came out of the dewan dazed (overwhelmed by the idea of me properly graduating) and not being able to find most of my friends. I shall wait for them to upload the photos then.


Anyways, I brought the robe and mortar board home! Now I have to figure out how to return them! @_@

I jotted down my thoughts during the first 2 nights in Terengganu, so I guess I'll published them here, with some corrections/edits (in red).


13th July 2009

My journey to KT started at 8.30am. Left house and mom sent me to the Putra LRT station and changed to Star LRT. Had nothing but Nescafe & Jacob's for breakfast, so bought Sausage McMuffin with egg & medium Iced Milo.

Reached Hentian Putra around 9.45am, and my bus was nowhere to be seen. 10 mins later it arrived and I climbed onto the double decker Sani Ekspress bus. Left 10 mins past 10(am).

Thank goodness for koko's iPod Touch, I watched Devil Wears Prada, read book and listened to some songs.

I was bored and lonely. And I'm not embarrased to admit that. However I chose to be on my own instead of being with my peers at that time.

The ride was okay, we went through Kuantan and passes East Coast Mall and I had a naughty urge to go to Starbucks/Big Apple Donuts/anywhere but KT. =P

So lazy don't want to write.
Got Chow Sing Chi on TV3.

I did not make up the last sentence. Haha.

Yng Jiun (YJ) arrived around midnight but I was already asleep when she called and messaged me on the phone. I was dead tired up til the morning, and didn't want to wake up at all! Until YJ called me up to get ready to go to campus.

YT Midtown hotel was alright, but I find it a bit pricey at RM124.20/night. The lock system made me feel insecure (although it is secure) while the toilet door lock didn't work. The standard room does not come with a bathtub, no hangers were provided, Tanjung Bungah (in Penang) is waaayyyyy better. Parking space was not enough and quite sempit, a challenge for those with bigger cars.

Oh well at least it's near to the MPKT bus station and McDonald's. Very convenient for me at that time.

* * *

14th July 2009

Today I met up with YJ and we went to campus together to get our robes. Size 'M' yay!

Even 'M' was damn big. Dammit.

Saw someone who reluctantly waved to us. Gosh if you don't want to wave just don't, okay?! Dahla look so snobbish, wave at people also look at other directions. So stuck up! Your mother was nicer (eventhough I didn't manage to greet her). Obviously you didn't get her good genes. Fat bitch!

Had lunch at Chinatown's food court with Alex,
Bee Kee, YL (Yen Lin), Clement, Siaw Gek and Jiun with her whole family (parents and very cute younger brother hehehe). A bit paiseh that Jiun's mom belanja-ed us. *shy2*

Went to uni for rehearsal (so wasting time, they didn't really brief us properly), found out the markings on stage (so that we knew where to stand) and had
sotong goreng and keropok lekor for tea. A bit awkward for me to be following the Tans around. *shy2* But I really appreciate their kindness despite the fact that I can't speak much Mandarin. *shy2*

Drove around (driven around to be more precise :P) and stopped by Pasar Payang since Mrs Tan wanted to look at batik. Was amused by her uncertainty in choosing - just like my mother. Ended up didn't buy anything since (she was) scared (she) couldn't find a good tailor. =P went back to hotel and might skip dinner.

And I skipped dinner indeed. The time span between our lunch and tea was near so I was too full for dinner. Planned for a girls' night in my room but I ended up being too tired and slept early because I encountered some issues. I regretted cancelling the event but I realised that it was good I did. Because I was quite selective about the people who I wanted to be there and I didn't want to simply blab out my feelings to people that I'm not close to.

But I vow to make it up to YJ and to the very few girls who I really appreciate and were concerned with me during my solo period before my family arrived. *hugs you people*

Sleep that night was good as I managed to get the aircon to function at a suitable temperature. Hehehe.

The next day I made use of the breakfast coupon from the hotel and had breakfast with Wei Kiat, Soon Beng, Yee Chuan and his girlfriend. Among the food offered were nasi kerabu (quite nice, but sweet sambal), porridge, mee bandung, bread, pancakes, cut-up sausages and the usual coffee, tea, orange juice and lemon tea. Decentla, but not great.

My parents and sisters arrived around 11am (they left PJ around 4.30am =O) and enjoyed the room before we left for lunch at Nasi Kukus Sempoi in Wakaf Tembesu, near where I used to live in Taman Sejati.

old photo taken somewhere in May 2009, nasi kukus (steamed rice) with ayam goreng berempah (spiced fried chicken), veges and sambal. not forgetting the crunchy papaddam.

My mom didn't find anything special about the meal EXCEPT for the ayam goreng berempah. Haha.

Then we went to Batu Enam to visit a relative and somewhere near the government building to visit another relative (whom both I failed to visit during my 3 years in KT *shy2*). We also went to Pantai Batu Buruk, a place very familiar to my parents. I've always thought that we only lived in Kemaman before but it seems that my parents used to live in KT too!

Skipped dinner and I drove to Taman Sejati to visit my former house owner with YJ. Visited the juniors too!

(updated) us with uncle and auntie, taken a few days before leaving KT after finishing our final semester. :P

* * *

The big day started with me waking up around 4-something am. Had difficulties in sleeping; either I was nervous or there were too many 'trains' running. If you get what I mean.

The event was okay. My few seconds of fame went by very fast, and by the time the whole thing ended I was quite relieved since I was so hungry and sleepy. My mom said I walked too fast, although I think I did alright.

I didn't take much photos. Heck, I didn't even take much photos with my coursemates! :P I couldn't find most of them by the time I met with my Taekwondo juniors who got me a teddy-mounted-on-flowers bouquet.

So I left DSM quite early, and totally forgot about one of the most important things I planned to do while in Terengganu:

Damn shit I forgot about my 'soft in the inside, crunhcy on the outside' freaking bahulus!


my lovelies! how could I forget all of you? Uhuhuhuhu..

Anyways, I would like to thank my parents and sisters who spent money and their time to see my 3-seconds of fame, to the Tans for their hospitality, to YJ for her concerns and the beautiful flowers, my juniors for the flowers and gifts, and former coursemates (friends or foes) for giving me opportunities to see them for the last time before we meet again and other unimates who I managed to meet eventhough only for a while. Thanks for the memories and hope that all of you will have a great future, loving everything that you all do and living your desired lives.

Felicity and Kristen, so sorry for not being able to attend your ceremony and congratulate you both. Wish I was there but I hope you both had a great time.

photo taken from Wei Kiat's FB

Class of 2009!


Well then, back to the usual.


  1. heya!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! i feel bad for not attending yours as well. why la on different days???

    hey, i hope i get UM so i can visit you in KL! :p

    all the best in job hunting!

  2. congratulations syg!
    need to see u soon!


  4. Kristen: aww.. Congratulations to you too! :D

    Feli: it's okay.. and I hope you do get UM! hehe.. then can easily go find you and lepak in Midvalley together during your breaks! hohoho..

    Aimi: Thanks darling! Hope yours will be a great one too! I need to see you ASAP! Got news for you! :P

    Chan: Thanks! Of course you can have yours!


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