Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's the 2nd time in a row..

I stayed up late to do something (last minute work, of course). Yesterday I slept around 4.45 am, and yet managed to wake up before my alarm went off at 8 am.


Finally finished both my presentations, although both were prepared half-heartedly, half-mindedly, half-insanely, half-sleepily dan dot dot dot you get the point.

My first paper for my final exam for this degree commence on the 7th of April. Which is actually the retake paper. And the next day the official 1st final paper for 3rd years. And our last will be on the 21st. Thank goodness that the schedule is not so packed. If not sei lor..

Still itchy to shop. And Yen Lin told us that Roshini told her that DBSK (dongbangstinky, just kidding fans!) will definitely be down for a concert this year, although the date has yet to be confirmed.

Wang Lee Hom ka TVXQ?


I choose to go shopping.


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