Friday, February 27, 2009

I need a new bag!

I'm a sucker when it comes to bags.

Ever since I was young, I get easily attracted to all sorts of bags - colourful, black, basic, big, sling.. They are most of the things that I like to look out for whenever I'm out, be it in shops or on girls. I like like like looking at bags! But I can't can't can't afford to fork out much to buy some nice ones.

They say still young so must save money.

Who are they?

I have absolutely no idea also.

My first bag was a DKNY sling dark red bag, which was given by my father on my birthday (I can't remember which), along with a polo tee and cargo pants.

I loved it so much that I carried it around all the time!

Unfortunately, I couldn't use it up til now since it looked a little childish, and thus I stopped using it and I have no idea where it is now actually.


The bags I have currently are mostly huge totes, which I usually use for classes since they can fit all my damn-crazy-can-kill-you-just-by-reading-the-titles books and files and my pillow. Oh no, not the pillow for sleepingla. It's my pencil case. EC calls it my pillow since it's fat2 and soft2.

Therefore I don't really have much shoulder bags - I used my white Radioactive one to its limits til the layers started peeling off. *sweats* And same goes to my Momoe brown sling bag too. Bling bling no more!


I love having totes because they are huge and practical. I tend to carry a lot of things when I go out - from lip glosses to facial blotters to tissue to pens and notebooks to sweets to comb to sanitary pads or pantyliners to eyeshadows to etceterayounameitihaveit to the most important thing that I start to put inside my bag everytime when I go out ever since I started going out with EC:

a 500 ml (600 ml also quite good!) bottle of drinking/mineral/plain water

Surprised? Whyyyyy? Water is essential you know? 8 glasses of water per day, keeps you gorgeous everyday! =D


Lame I know, but let's get back to business. (ahem)

The downside is, they tend to get in a way, i.e. hard to carry around in small spaces, gets checked often when you go to the club (eh innocent person like me look like someone who will bring a lethal weapon ar?), bulky, heavy and yadayadayada.

After seeing all my friends strutting gorgeously with oh-so-equal gorgeous handbags (not hang bags hor, like the one said in a Phua Chu Kang episode), I want one on my own! Or some! =D

That's why when Paris B of My Women Stuff announced that she will be giving out bags in conjuction with the fashion and beauty website's 2nd anniversary, I was instantly attracted!


But of course I hesitated at first because I don't really have much luck when it comes to contests (eh, I won a Blue (eh, not THAT blue okeh?) CD from Red FM once but I didn't go and get it, wasted hor?). It took me a few days after the announcement before I was able to participate.

Read My Women Stuff 2nd Anniversary Giveaway Week 1 - Alice Wonders Bags for more info eh?

And it's all because of this hot thing:

Coco Classics Bow Chain Bag
*please click above to see dee gorgeous hot bag k?*
(not sure can put up the photo without permission so shall not take risks)

Now why I like this bag and not the other cute and equally gorgeous ones in AliceWonders? Let me count the ways give you the reasons:
First - I need a smaller bag since all of my other bags are Hugh Jackman eh HUGE!
Second - I like its shape - it's so cute since it's a bow and yet, it looks so hmm.. what's the word, mature?
Third - Chains Chains Chains! I've been looking around for bags with chains as their straps/handles. Don't you think chains add a hint of coolness in not only bags, but other accessories as well?
Fourth - Because I am a girl. (Whhhhhaaaat?)

Therefore, without anymore doubts, I put my comment on the post and to make myself eligible for another entry, I'm writing this.

Which I've never done before.


*crosses finger*

Hope to win!

Thank you My Women Stuff!

Off to settle my overdue lab reports! Or else I'll just bore everyone with my endless ramblings. Heehee.

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