Monday, February 16, 2009

Apalah. Semut punya pasal.

Can you believe it? My balloon bursted already!


And you know who are the culprits?




Aiyoh, so hard I'll tell you since it'll make our lives easier.




You know those little crawling insects, who loves sugar or whatever food they can lay their hands on?

Yes. Those creatures. Damn right.

I didn't bother to take any photos since I have absolutely no intention to give them any blog-airtime, which could lead them to gaining popularity.

Oh tidak. Tidak mungkin akan ku benarkan.

Crazy ants.

Now, when I think of it, the house is currently popular with zee ants. I have no idea why. Must be the excessive numbers of CNY biscuits/cookies. And mandarin oranges. And my study table. Also got ants!

Do you know that they can bite through plastics and polystyrene? Victims were Yng Jiun's packet of kaya cocks koks and my Nissin Cup Noodles. My TWO Nissin Cup Noodles. My TWO BIG Nissin Cup Noodles which I bought from that shop always together-gether with Sushi Zanmai ohwhat'sthename oh Shojikiya. Or was it from Isetan? Oh, they bit through my balloon too.

*excessive swearing*

I feel like posting a long rambling on stupidity but I might have to take a raincheck.

To check whether I am as equally stupid.

But I don't think I am.


I miss sushi.


  1. Aiyooo.. XD semut ah???
    O_o; but i never thought that ants can bit the balloon till can burst one.. wow.. so dasyat ah. better kill all those ants lor before they rule ur house.

  2. i was trying to grow jagung.. n just as the little green baby leaves started coming out.. ants got to em =( and they all dieded.

  3. Lene 1: Dunno how to kill. I dem kesian them. Eh2, want hamsters? =D

    Lene 2: Nnooooo.. how could they??? Those jagung were for me, kan kan? =D

    Saya sayang Lene 1 dan Lene 2!


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