Thursday, January 08, 2009

Honestly, me no likey group assignments.

Ah. You must be wondering why I'm still awake at the time of this posting huh?

Just finished my part for a group assignment, and passed it to another member. Hope he remembers to print and pass it up tomorrow.

Or else I'll screw him.


Yes, I am quite strict when it comes to group assignments. In fact I hatehatehate group assignments because I would end up wanting to check everything before passing up even when I have other better things to do. And besides I hate reminding people what to do.

I would usually take charge when no one does, since I hate wasting time silently discussing over who to combine, proof-read and edit all the parts before the final combination. I am not a perfectionist, but I do not want my grades to get screwed up by a bunch of stuckup idiots.

Some just do not care much about assignments like others. So it's a bit not fair if the whole group screws up just because of one or two person.

And don't remind me about copy-pasters. I somehow have the ability to detect those who copy-paste, and sometimes I can even detect the online sources!

Hebat tak I?

Luckily I have loads of patients.

If not someone or sometwo (or somethree or somefour... or somen) will have bruises here and there.

Two cups of Hai Peng coffee is not enough to keep me awake.

Tak boleh jadi ni.

Can't wait for Chinese New Year! Can't wait to see my family members! =D

Eh, I go sleep firstla.

Good Nite world! (or Good Morning!)


  1. wah i assume those stuck up idiots don't read your blog then..

  2. it's better if they do. they should know their flaws once in a while eh? =P miss you!

  3. hahahaha...then I really have to listen to u well lo
    and do the thing on time...
    I hope I wasnt the one u mentioned here...hehehehe..

  4. OSC: Haha.. don't worry, if you do your job well, you shall escape from being trashed in my blog! =P


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