Saturday, January 10, 2009

Atas Tarikh.


Exxxxcuze me! I just finished dinner of self-gorenged nasi goreng belacan, packed with my mom's homemade sambal belacan, four-angled beans (kacang botol da~), chicken and some sawi.

And there's a lalat hijau flying in my rOom.

Ergh. *i-want-to-puke mode*

A little update with my life. Currently at my final semester here in Terengganu. 15 credit hours of studying more to go, exclusive of FYP and inclusive of a retake subject, which FYI, I did not fail. Just wanted to upgrade the gradela.

The subjects for this semester, I predict, are not so difficult, yet not so easy to score. I can't believe they are still torturing us with lab works for two subjects, padahal nak siapkan FYP pun sudah menjadi suatu masalah.


But I'm coOl with that. Trying my best to do well this final semester, so that I can happily graduate and do my parents proud. That's all that matters.

The next agenda in my life: Job-hunting.

Planning to do it as soOn as I graduate since my father is going to retire in a few years' time and my sisters will still be studying at that time, so gotta help him make monies~


I don't know what else to blab about.

Oh, FYP? Not bad. Albeit a bit.. SLOW. Hope to finish according to plan before celebrating Chinese New Year. Then I'll be able to enjoy my 1-week break more excitingly.


That's it for now I guess.

Eh, to Cawan Milo, I want to go shopping with you too! I want some M.A.C. brushes! And their Lipglasses! *hugs* When you're TOO damn free, come teman mela, I bring you (and James, if he wants) go makan keropok lekor, makan makanan laut, dan makan segala-galanya.



  1. I set my mind dii! First things on my list is their primer and concealer. 2nd visit to M.A.C maybe their foundation and the iridescent powder. I want brushes too laa but I dunno why I still tak sanggup to pay so much for fluff on a stick altho I know it'll last me a lifetime.

  2. CawanMilo: AHHHHHH~ So many things! Make sure you better start making money by then girl! I shall accompany you!

    AimihAyy: Yay! Aimi ikut! Yay Yay!


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