Friday, November 14, 2008

The power of RM2

This morning i went to have breakfast with EC at McDonald's, since we haven't had its breakfast food for quite a while.

I had the Sausage McMuffin with Egg and iced milo, while EC ordered the special breakfast set, which is one of the highlights or promotions in McDonald's currently, in the conjuction with the release of..

i like to move it, move it!
i like to move it, move it!
i like to..

Okay STOP!

Of course, damn obvious right?

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

I'm not sure if i'm gonna watch this or not. The first movie fared average for me. I like that move-it-move-it fella though. He/She It's fun-kay.

The special breakfast set is called the Move It Breakfast Meal. Now what is so special about this meal, you might ask. And my answer to you is:



Sounds so hebat! But is it as hebat as how it sounds?

Mari kita lihat:

Bungkusan yang berlainan warnanya. Menarik tak? Rasanya tak.. (eh apahal aku jawab soalan aku sendiri? giler ke mamai?)

Oh! Look at you! You're so tall!

Tastewise, it's not any different than the single patty-ed one. Personally, i prefer the normal Sausage McMuffin with egg instead of the double patty-ed because in the former, the combination of the sausage and the egg together with the English muffin was just nice and equal. In the latter, the sausage patty's taste just overpowers the egg's taste, making the whole burger saltier than it already is. So, if you love your sausage more, then go get it cos it's for a limited time only!

For other Move It specials, do visit McDonald's Move It Meals.

In addition, if you've got RM2 to spare, do visit the counter and donate that small amount (okayla, it might not be a small amount to some individuals) to The Ronald McDonald House Charities™ Malaysia (RMHC Malaysia). Not only you will get to do some charity (bet you'll definitely feel good about it), you will also get an awesome (for me) and cute (for me again) sticker of a shape of a palm!

So what are you waiting for?? Go to McDonald's, get your Move It Meals (or whatever you like), donate RM2 and beautify you car(s) now! I'm sure you'll feel great about it!

After all, a little goes a long long way.


And no, McDonald's is NOT paying me for this.

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  1. go watch go watch! XD I already watch. and since u like the movie-it-move-it-fella a.k.a. King Julien, you will love him even more in Madagascar 2! Cus' he's two times funnier in this movie! :D And the small thingy, Morty is cute too!

    yum! i love the sausage! XD the burger is yummy~~~


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