Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love small buns!

One of my favourite food for breakfast here in Terengganu is the siew min pao or xiao mien pao or small buns, laced with kaya and butter. Xiao mien pao seems famous here in KT, where almost every coffee shop sells them.

Small buns, anyone?

Me and my friends are frequent visitors of a small coffee shop called Sin Phin Xiang, which is located in Kampung Cina, or Chinatown as we all call it.

The kopitiam is not easy to locate if you're not familiar with Kampung Cina, plus it does not have any signboard in front of the shop. However, if you can locate the Persatuan Tzu-Chi Malaysia Terengganu, then you're on the right track, since it's just next to the organisation's building.

The toasted small buns are served with a slice of butter and some kaya, so you can control the amount of both spread according to your likes. Place the slice of butter (or less) in between the buns and wait awhile for the butter to melt.

Then spread the butter all over the buns and the kaya comes next and your end product will look something like this:

Okeh. It may look a little disgusting, but trust me, if you love toasts with kaya and butter, you will love this!

a lil close up to get your juices running

lovely, just lovely!

Besides xiao mien paos, this kopitiam also serves variety of noodles from 2 different little stalls: one selling any kind of hot noodles according to your order and another one selling curry mee and herbal soup mee which cost around RM4. There are also some kuih and other kinds of toasts! =)

wa tan hor

hokkien mee

mang kuang kueh (kuih with sengkuang inside)

roti kahwin (toasts with kaya and margerine)

curry kuey tiaw. i don't recommend the curry noodles though. too muchie santan for my liking. and the sambal is just NOT right. =/

kopi and kopi peng

The prices of the food in this kopitiam is affordable. The small buns costs RM 1.80 for 4 buns (like the ones in the photos) while RM 2.20 for 6! The kopitiam get thumbs up from tourists too, as there is an e-mail stuck to the noodles stall and various newspaper cuttings to boost its ratings. Open from 6am till 11am. =D

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