Monday, October 20, 2008

I dem bengang sampai malas nak belajarla.

Yesterday I attended a function organised by my faculty to acknowledge those who had done well last semester, which is scoring a GPA of 3.5 and above. As I waited for the time to receive our certs from the Dean, I scanned around the crowd of achievers for some familiar faces and something just hit me.

Do these people actually deserve this acknowledgement?

No offense, I'm sure that most of them do (Congratulations to you guys!). But speaking from my personal experience, especially when it comes to my class and myself, I believe that scoring 3.5 can be as easy as singing the alphabet.


Looking at my coursemates, I know of those who tried really hard but still fail and those who do not have to do much and still score. The education system in the university is all screwed up, or maybe it's just the department that I am studying under. Those who try really hard tend to lose out to those who are smarter, not only by how they study, but how connected they are to the lecturers and smarter friends.

I cannot believe that I am studying in a higher education institution. Feels like I'm studying in a kindergarten. Eh, wait, kindergarten oso not like this wan.

These are some the things that piss me off and make me want to quit studying in a menara gading:

1. Tips Soalan bocor. It is okay to give tips to students but hey, if you're just going to tell the students what exactly the questions are and how to answer them, might as well just forget giving testsla. What's worst is, letting a student that is taking your course to type out the questions! *pengsan* Or calling the students into your room and showing them the questions but telling them not to tell anyone since it's highly confidential! *cursecursecurse* Why? Do you get paid less if not all your students score? Do you get screwed up by the higher authorities if they do not do well in your course? Your status matters more than providing education to the students?
Just because you're holding a postgraduate status doesn't mean you can take undergraduates lightly and not encouraging them to use their potentials to the maximum!

2. Recycled questions. I fucking benci when lecturers give final examination questions which are exactly the replica of tests/tutorial/past years' questions. How original can you get man? Damn lazy issit? How do you expect to encourage your students to practise critical and creative thinking when all they have to do is memorise all the answers from their assignments, tutorials and tests? Just give them A la! I feel insulted when I am given recycled questions. It's like the question papers have "You are damn stupid that's why I'm giving you these" written on them. Celaka.

3. (Un)Sharing is caring. Oh well. I know those who get tips but not share. Wtf? Wtf? Are you really happy to be getting better grades just because you know the questions beforehand and you searched for the answers already. I believe that lecturers should give tips during class and not entertain personal requests. Unless you believe that the student involved will share with the others. Better tak yah bagi tipsla.

4. Copykucings. Another thing that pisses me off. Those people who openly discuss during tests and get GREAT results. It doesn't matter of you're whispering or not, we, the others who are trying to think and solve the questions on our own can still hear your voicesla. And that's fucking annoying. It is not wrong to copy assignments (I used to, but I'm trying to do things my own way, but unfortunately I don't get them right *sadness*) but don't la copy during tests. Really mencemarkan the purity of tests tau. *sighs* Tests should be done like the real final examinations. Employ strict invigilators. FORCE the students to sit apart during tests. If not, it will just be damn unfair to those who really try. =( Kesian kat diorang tau. Die you selfish people! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Anyways, I'm bitching because I had a headache since yesterday night and because I did horribly for a test today. However, I have been wanting to crap about the above topic because I've been keeping them inside me for quite awhile and the whole unfairness issue just bugs me inside out. Pardon me for using foul languages and if anyone were to be affected by this post, feel free to say someething. I am for one, not perfect either.


  1. awwww~~~

    i wish i cud be there with u rite now...hehe..and u can let it go and tell me..hehehe.


    dun wory more sem to go!

  2. -___- reminds me when last time they did the same thing in exams at school. kind of annoying though. the copykucings. and teachers starts comparing us with them.

    chillex sis. what they are doing right now, will only ruin them in the future. we just have to sabar.. breath in..breath out..


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