Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cheesy Durian

After 2 days (only?!) of sleeping late, I finally completed my final year project (FYP) proposal, which is to be submitted this Thursday. Presentation comes next week, so wish me luck, k?


Since I am in a very uplifting moOd, I would like to flog.

My topic today is the latest cake offering by Secret Recipe:


Before you people go "whatthenuts?" and say "dontcheatmear", I must assure you that, this is NOT a figment of your imagination, and as a proof, please feel free to visit Secret Recipe-promotions for more info. =)

Durian Cheese is THE cake of the month, although I am not sure for which month, because the first time I tasted it was on the 23rd of July, and it is still currently available.

As you all know, Durian Cheese is not the first durian flavoured/creamed cake that is sold by Secret Recipe. The first was Durian Durian, which, according to the menu, is only available during a certain season, which is of course, the durian season.

At the end of my internship, around middle of July, the durian season started blOoming and almost everywhere you can find durians at cheap prices. Coming back to Terengganu, I was quite lucky to be able to join in the fun after my coursemates bought some sold by some pakciks selling by the roadside.

Ohmy, the durian were really creamy, tasty and sweet, and I do not understand why people find the king of thorns stinky. Why ar? Stinky meh?

Anyways, back to the cake. Durian Cheese is no doubt better than it's parent, the Durian Durian. The latter sometimes comes with dry sponge cake, and a bit icy (I guess they had to store it really cold) and sinful due to the creamy-but-oh-so-delicious-but-EC-doesn't-let-me-eat-it-too-much-especially-the-sides-with-almond-flakes layers of cream. However, the cheesy one is just filled with cheesy durian, which actually has only a little hint of cheese, baked on cookie/biscuit/whatever base, no whipping cream to leave you guilty whatsoever.

Look ma! No cream! Not fattening wan (so untrue)!

It tastes better too because you're not just eating layers of dry sponge cake and durian cream, instead you are savouring the cheesy mixture, like how you savour any of your favourite cheese cake.

But with a durian tastela.

I hope I get to try more of Durian Cheese before they run out of the resources (durians) because it is currently my favouritest Secret Recipe cake!


Oh! Me love! I savour thee to the max!


  1. ah! I think i've seen the durian cake before in Secret Recipe at GIANT. but didn't try it out. after reading ur desceiption of the taste, i want to try it out. sounds delicious. XD and summore.. durian CHEESE wor... yum yum!!

  2. btw, that's what i wrote. XD

  3. oh yea. and good luck. XD

  4. why does every single food in ur blod looks veryvery nice???no matter its a fasting month or not,it does look nice!!

    btw,ada lagi ke cheesy durian?
    mau try!


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